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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you


Grab Manti with 2 sockets
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Really really strong DH. Very nice Inna's set. Huge CC+CD combo = great burst damage and amazing Echoing blasts.
However, you should try to get Lacuni's for bracers (go for 9AS + 6CC + resists). It will be expensive upgrade unfortunately, but I think it's worth it.
Next, double-socket manticore, period.

Congrats on your build man. Beautiful legacy and Calamity you got there. Nice focus on attack speed all items maxed on that affix.

The only thing I'm not so sure about is your tasker & theo. It's a sexy glove but not sure if worth the sacrifice of 9/10cc for all that dex.. Id probably sell it and get a rare trifecta with your 9% asi of course :)

Give you 10/10 nonetheless. Great DH!!
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Thanks nawKOwt.
The only thing I'm not so sure about is your tasker & theo. It's a sexy glove but not sure if worth the sacrifice of 9/10cc for all that dex..

I don't like rares (without sockets) because it always makes me nervous if I accidentally switched out an item (ala no inventory lock). And, I swap gears quite frequently, so memorizing my sheet dps gets me very paranoid. I do have a quadfecta rare glove, but I actually prefer legendary glove for the above reasons. stupid i know :(

To give you a reciprocal review:
that's a superb beast manticore. wow.
And you have enough APS to reach 2.0+ APS, nice.
Your diabloprogress profile is not synchronized properly, but I predict your eHP is on barb-like.
Great sustain. Overall, awesome dh.

RATE nawKOwt (above me)
@nawKOwt: a perfect well balance DH. The only thing i suggest you to improve is the Witching Hour. Get better Dex, vit and crit dame.
not sure if you need any upgrade , very nice DH ,high DPS ,high EHP
if you need to upgrade anything I guess it would be your DML
lol ,love your DH building
gear is mediocre. not bad. get pants with vit so u can use green gems.

also. person who may b below me rating. i cant even figure out what i can upgrade. seems impossible
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Nice gear, think your DML can be your next upgrade, look for 250+ for dex & vit
ill pass. i like the bonus of hatred and discipline. i have 3 others i can swap out but this benefits my build to stand still in mobs and heal.

cant get a DML with hatred and displine. and have high IAS and have high DEX and VIT. capped at a certain number
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@ Smoky that's easy. Get a better Calamity. Won't be cheap, but none of your upgrades would be.

Good luck!
@Oscar biggest thing i can see is to upgrade your Mempo to a crit mempo. Not cheap but worth it! May loose a little eHP as would get no vit on it, but some extra crit always good
@ skitzflik

nice dh! looking pretty flow at what ur doing. That vileward needs to go !
@ Skitz, yeah I'm actually shopping for one right now. I just gotta sell my AR Witching Hour...

For you, you can do better on your bow and your shoulders. Both would be an equivalent upgrade price, but you'll get more bang from a better manti methinks
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I got skipped
@ Reesh, your belt could be 8% that's cheap...

Then your bow needs an upgrade pretty badly, compared to the rest of your gear it's a little behind
skipped. trolled by oscar
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@frozen your gear is great, nice dps. Minor suggestion only - Your armor is a bit low (and can't tell what your resists are), wondering if you can add that somewhere, maybe with a new chest armor.

I'm new-ish at DH. I've focused on MF gear since I am farming MP1. Any suggestions for next upgrade?
dont let the thread die!
@oscar, thanks for the input. i was thinking about that. :( too poor lol
@Thunder I can tell you are on a budget, but what is your price range? You have some slots that I would make a beeline to upgrade. If I were you I would try to get a cc nats sight and some boots with 170+ dex (cheap these days), then probably shoot for 4 set bonus. Also, your ammy badly needs cc/chd (AT LEAST the cc, pretty brutal missing it on this slot, and this is likely your cheapest upgrade of all).

I know I already received a little bit of input, but would love some more feedback. I am up to about 300m, but have some stuff on the AH that will hopefully sell... I think I will need to save a bit more to get a true upgrade, but what do you think I should go for? The trouble is, right now a 2 socket 1200 dps dex manti is only a sidegrade for me (lose about as much ehp as I gain dps). Should I just save up for 1250+ dps? Or should I try to get a double dex/vit bola DML? Alternatively I could go for a nice cold/bola SoJ for when 1.07 hits? Please let me know what you think is most efficient for me.
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