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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you


I don't know how I could even offer advice to you. You have a great set. I was going to say trade your chest for Nat's for 3 set bonus130 dex but your Inna's already does that. Maybe you are limited by FPS, upgrade your GPU. (Just tossing something out there because I really have no clue).

To next poster, yes my gear is low end. Keep in mind I have 1.8 mil to my name and that even took me awhile to get. My drops are not great and sell for nothing.
@Echelon took me a while, even deleted previous post... Well I would upgrade Nat's chest, you're gonna have to drop MF (anyone told that stat is not very reliable? Don t you see that even at 50% you can t find anything worthy?) buy one with vitality it will cost no more than 1mil depending on stats, try to get to at least 40k vit.

You have decent gear so don't sweat it! You will eventually get your first decent sale too!

Place that I would suggest you start looking at are your rings. Even with your limited budget you should be able to get better rings for under 300K on AH. Just need a bit of patience. You will see reasonable increase if you get rings with CC and CD or CC and IAS. Also if it is possible to also have Average Damage too that would be helpful.

Alternatively if you would like, I am currently going through the process of salvaging items because I just have no space. I may have some rings that may benefit you (at no cost), will need to check when I get home. I would rather items go to a good home than be salvaged for no reason. Let me know if you want something.

LOL I was too slow at replying

Also any advice for me :)
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@COLOSSUS: Oooh, it's a toughy between the Hellfire, Amulet, and Gloves... I'd say, maybe, the hellfire then? Not much appeal to it besides the mainstat and the avgdmg.
02/10/2013 08:06 PMPosted by Ereshkigal
@Echelon took me a while, even deleted previous post... Well I would upgrade Nat's chest, you're gonna have to drop MF (anyone told that stat is not very reliable? Don t you see that even at 50% you can t find anything worthy?) buy one with vitality it will cost no more than 1mil depending on stats, try to get to at least 40k vit.

Please skip me and do Ereshkigal or Collossus.

Ereshkigal - Ya, I had no intention of stacking MF at all. That was the highest Dex Nat Embrace I could find to get the 2 piece set bonus. I will look to upgrade it asap. MF is always random additional stat on gear pieces.

Collossus - I will have to look, I must just not be that great at determining the greatest increase to dps based off stats. I will look for a calculator. Yea if you have any rings that you are just going to scrap let me know.
@ Ereshkigal

Maybe get a 200+ dex similar vit VW
Thanks Frozen.
I just switched to a GG manticore (i think it might be duped =_= cuz on diabloprogress a bunch of demon hunters have the exact same one... i just shelled out 2B for it too FML)
You've made me seriously consider Windforce.
They are all currently priced very competitively, suggesting that not many dh's really know the power of the knockback.
my 2 cents on your character... why don't you stack attack speed?

Wouldn't maxed out attack speed synergize so well with your stacked knockback!?!
You have 49.4% (windforce) + 4.8% (strongarm) = 54.2% !!!
I think that could be amplified with 3.5APS.

Hey thanks for consideration.
I would totally go for full attack speed synchronized with knockbacks. I sometimes see champion packs and white mobs get knocked back twice from ball of lightning.(if that's true) With full attack speed it can generate some deadly combination. I often see good combo against melee pvp. Using cinder arrow proc 1.6x which almost knocking them back every time you shoot. With the idea of attack speed, melee attackers will have difficult time recovering from from 0.5 second immobilization each hit, so therefore they will be constantly immobilized.

Apology to everyone for making statements here,

I've currently played around on increasing the puncturing power of windforce than attack speed, but knockbacks amplifed with 3.5 APS !!! is definitely something.

If you have more things to say.. you can leave answers here..

====SKIP ME====
RATE NalyD Next
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@ NalyD First -10 for naming a MALE DH Katniss. Secondly, there are some strong pieces in your gear set here. I suspect the pieces that are not so strong are from a magic find/farming set? With that in mind, I'd put your amulet up first for change.

Followed by your bracers. Low Dex, but nice Resistances. I think you can do better, and it probably won't cost you a fortune.
SOLID dh man i guess ugrade ring and ammy but your dh is solllid
what should i upgradE?
@ Oscar. Don't you mean +10? I mean, lets be honest. Best name ever!

Thanks for the input btw =), I've been gearing for strafe for like 40 Plvl's and I'm getting sick of it, finally looking to transition into BL or Multishot.

@ dan your pants bro! Honestly looking at your other gear, a low Arcane Resist stands out to me as the thing you should look to switch up. Get AR or Vit! (Or pickup radius if you want that, It's a good piece to pick it up on IMO)
@krapneb a better gaze or a better mark... but good luck on finding those! Seriously, not much to upgrade unless you find better, but the same of what you already have.

LOL at your troll DH.
rate the female dh

I think your Vit is too low. Maybe you could get this cheapest from DML by sacrificing some dex.

satisfied now? lol
@krapneb - good stuff, if I had to pick one, I'd have to say your WH...it could use some life/vit.
@ beast....I would say you have a fantastic dh and all you need to do for an upgrade is save a couple bil and maybe get a couple more dex points...about it really.

I know I need a new amulet as I will be making one when patch hits but I currently have 160 mil to spend and dont know what to upgrade....also I have nats ring but as im leveling I switch it out....the rest of the gear is my normal....what do you think i should upgrade next?
@CredibleCon Boots or ammy imo Boots could have more dex/vit and you said your ammy is obvious

I would suggest a little more EHP as you are slightly leaning towards glass cannon. You can get a new Dead Man's Legacy and Inna's Favor with more Vitality or All Resist (belt) instead of the minor Life Regeneration. Also, you can probably find a better bracer with All Resist. Overall, not a bad setup though.
what you think should be my next upgrade? I'm debating between some nice rare bracers/lacunis a 1300 manti or a trifecta nats ring
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