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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

02/11/2013 09:38 AMPosted by PatTheMan
what you think should be my next upgrade? I'm debating between some nice rare bracers/lacunis a 1300 manti or a trifecta nats ring

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Wow this thread totally skipped me lol.

Don't worry, i will come to the rescue :)

I see that you have given up your legacy nat set. Hows the discipline management treating you :P

Nonetheless, your new set is great, i see very little room for improvement. I would say a little more resistance would come a long way. I think your next cheapest upgrade might just be the nat boots or more Vit on the bracers.

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I would probably upgrade the boots next. Something with dex instead of the lightning resist at least.
Get a CC Mempo
Good, glad I'm not the only one thinking that. I can't stand that helm but the CC Mempo is just too expensive right now, currently saving up for it though :D

02/11/2013 12:17 PMPosted by Iria
Wow this thread totally skipped me lol.

Yeah, I totally feel you =/
@wat Your Gems could use an upgrade, especially in your weapon. And your Jewelry could use some primary stat
Go WH on the belt
Hmm, going for the extra dam against elites is an interesting strategy. Not sure I like it, but it's different.

Still, I think the gloves can be much better, even with the boost you are getting to frost arrow. Look for a nice rare trifecta would be #1 priority. Second might be a WF with a socket. Then a DML with disc.
@TheProf probably crit chance nat's helm if you wanna keep the set bonus. If thats too expensive a better DML or amulet.
@dttin: i was always told mepho isnt Sh*T without crit.. so i suggest that upgrade
@Diaclone--sick dual wield DH. I guess I will take the easy one and say your gems.

[Please-advice outside of the fact I'm using WF]
Sweany, maybe a Menlo with cc, the manti with 2 sockets you have good attack speed. And I personally don't care for strongarms. I'd get a braver with high dex cc and all res.

And use perfectionist instead of steady aim.

But really you don't need any major upgrade, now it's just icing on the cake

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Beautiful rings and amulet.
Respectable manticore.
I definitely think your next upgrade should be either the lacuni prowlers or trifecta gloves, although your current dex bracers are very very good, and it will be very hard to find a trifecta glove that can match the double-dex gloves. 10/10 dh.
What an awesome thread! Anyway...

@Castablanca - your gear rocks; that being said, the only viable upgrade that I can see happening is maybe getting some gloves with +crit damage on them (if that doesn't negate the dex and/or the attack speed)
@yaners - You have some pretty solid gear, I would say the cheapest upgrade would be your bracers, or if you're loaded a crit Mempo/top end Andys.

understand that the huge stats on the DML are attractive, but u're losing lots of dps with only 10% ias, i'd say the DML should be your biggest upgrade

(you can make up for the hp loss with a new vile ward, shouldn't be too expensive to get one with % life)

hope my two cents help :)
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@mb04sifu; about the only thing I can pick out is that you could update your DML for a better one. Solid build, has definitely given me some ideas.

Good hunting!
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