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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

@Audioboxer: really nice gear, you need to get more vit thou, I'd suggest getting nat boot with vit, craft a better bracer and get a vile ward with higher dex and some vit (they're fairly cheap now)
help me - im noob :(
@dan change one gem in your weapon to a radiant star ruby and thats about all I really see that would make a big difference and get radiant star or better gems lol.

@MetalWarri0r: get a nat's ring, then replace your chest and legs with inna's and you'd be doing well replacing the helm with a mempo would be good also. Change one of your emeralds to a ruby in your weapon for a dps boost also.

@Kraftdinner: I actually already did that earlier, the armory hasn't updated yet my chest, legs, belt, bracers, and weapon gems changed. as for you I'd totally say get inna's pants and chest, Mempo helm, and get a dext CC, CD neck piece most importantly. your weapon could be better but I'd focus on the other pieces first as they will give a bigger upgrade because your weapon damage is really good but a crap weapon otherwise.

I actually just got a new crossbow but it hasn't updated to here yet.
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I'd probably look at replacing the attack speed on your rings for cd/cc, will yield a greater dps and you can pick up the lost AIS on a cheapish DML with much more vit/dex than your current, perhaps even picking up a skill bonus.

I have been looking at DMLs for some time now, but the trouble is that a cheapish DML is a massive downgrade for me. You may have overlooked the +10 to max discipline mod on my current quiver. I won't buy a DML without +9 or +10. At 266, my dex is not too shabby, and life isn't an issue (I simply don't die). The one DML I found on the AH that was a significant upgrade went for over 40m. That was a lot more than I had to spend at the time and, considering I've only spent between 90m and 100m for all my DH gear combined, probably more than I would spend even if I had it. I will replace the one AS ring only after I get a DML because I find it valuable for the little bit of extra hatred regen it provides.

Overall though, I agree with the advice, so thanks for the feedback. I'll keep looking for that DML of my dreams and saving up as I do.
@AZ Looking at your set up it seems you've got pretty good Vit/RA. You say you simply don't die so I would get rid of Perfectionist and replace it with Vengance to help regenerate your disc/hatred.

Personally I think all anyone needs is 30 disc, it's very easy to manage. Anything over 30 IMO is just a waste.

And you're right, the 266 dex and 10% CC on your quiver are nice, but the AS is quite low as is the vit. Anyways, good luck.
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I think a 2 socket manticore would be best but if it's out of your price range, maybe go for a Nat Ring with some combination of CC/CD/avg dmg. That way you can afford to replace the helm with a CC mempo eventually. Your boots can use some additional dex/vit as well.

I think a Witching hour will suit you better than a Inna belt as Manticore should benefit more from the additional attack speed/critical damage. Moreover, you are not using Inna chest for the bonus.
@Choobie : can see 2 upgrades, 1st is cheap(ish) and other could cost a bit, depending on budget :)

1st the cheap upgrade, some crafted bracers with similar stats to yours.

The pricey upgrade? crit mempo.
Wow pretty tough for me to pick something out here. Nice helm, and that's a crazy Nat's ring you have. If I had to make some suggestions, it'd be to put a ruby in your helm and a emerald in your ammy, I feel with your 80k life you can handle pretty much any damage. Your max disc also seems a bit low, you could drop your litany for a stone of jordan that would increase your damage against elites by a significant amount (which is irrelevant if you farm white monsters). Maybe put plus 58 gems in your chest armor?

Lots of room for improvement.
First of all, your shoulder piece. Get a cheap Vile Ward, or craft a better one. It's lacking in AR and Armor.
Your rings could be improved as well. For 2~3 mil, you can get a decent Dex + CC + CD rings off of the AH. Same for your Amulet. Look for one that has Dex, CC and CD. Since you're using Manticore, you're gonna want to stack CC and CD. This applies to your Gloves and Bracers as well. Keep those CC and CD high while maintaining core attributes like Dex, Vit, and AR.

Lastly, after you get decent CC, replace the ruby in your manticore with another emerald. That CD will help when you land that crit.

I'd upgrade those boots next. Look for some with 180+ dex and some vit if you have the cash. With that being said you can gain a lot more dex by simply upgrading your gems.
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@Bigman Definitely your weapon, but that will be an expensive purchase, so your next big upgrade will be your pants, a high Vit Inna's can be a good way to add EHP that you lose from using the Andariel's over the Mempo.

I honestly wouldn't even know where you could upgrade. Pretty sick DH.

You could upgrade you helm to a nats with better dex/setbonus/fear for relatively not that much, or buy/craft a higher dps neck vit or res for not that much either
@Jcon u can consider a 2 os manticore as well as upgrade ur gems for more dps. If possible a mempo with cc or alt andriels visage with low fire dammage would do well to boost up dps.
you need alittle more resistance and armour.

A possible upgrade route would be crafting bracer till u have close to 300 dex and 6 cc bracer.

then upgrade your ice climber to bloody footprint.
BIggest upgrade would be the helm to a Mempo, even better with CC. Another would be the Hellfire ring unless you are going for MF build.

To poster below me: Note my build is MF/GF build with 26 Pickup. Would like to improve build and possible go beyond 30 Pickup.
@ Keithxm, get some nice Nat's boots. Snag the bonus with it too, +130 Dex ftw. Easy upgrade.

edit just read your edit Keith. btw, AMAZEBALLS Amulet. Holy crap. You can get some Pickup on your gloves, but won't be cheap
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you're DH is pretty ridiculous haha. you don't seem to be too into all res though? I guess that would be my suggestion

Your inna's pants, although solid, could be better. I know you're focusing heavily on all resist (something I'm lacking and working on slowly) but I've found the market for them is a bit on the pricey end, and vit or life % tend to give you better bang for your buck in that regard, and it would give you a little more padding to make you less squishy, easily pushing you over 40k.
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