Diablo® III

Biggest upgrade for the DH above you


overall, your DH is great
just based on my opinion, i'll add more VIT & IAS
gloves = dex + trifecta
ring = dex + vit + trifecta
helm = with CC
and most especially, upgraded gems

great armor by the way
Very good equipment all around.
I believe the next upgrade might possibly be the amulet.

Id put some cc/cd rings instead of the ar rings, imo for a ranged class having so much life and ar is useless, try to increase your dps, the mobs will not be able to touch you with that build
@corpus maybe look into a better manti. Sry can't view your gear on my iPhone. U used to be able to buy they must have changed it. Anyway nice dh.
@ JJay, I guess you like the extra disc, but you could still upgrade to a significantly better DML if you're willing to drop that 7 disc you're getting

Looks like the DML is the place to upgrade.
Ya nah don't need it just picky and haven't found the right 1 yet.
Yup looking for 270+ dex as well as vit. 20 as 10 cc and 10 + bola

Take a look at mine. What would you focus on next?

I just bought a 2 socket Manti (1150, 190 dex, 85 CD) so I can do 1 emerald and the new Ruby after the patch.
I would but I can't view any stats on my iPhone. They must have changed that. Will when I get home though. :)
Yup np :)
@ Riley

Nat's boots next, get high dex and vit if you can, you will also get 3pc Nat's so you will get the 130. That means you can balance the terms of your current boots or better minus the % life, but you'd get the 12% Movement Speed, which puts you at 24, where you're currently at 12%.
@Oscar - I'd consider getting a better ring on your left hand side.
@slingblade I would upgrade your chest armor. Doing so gives the additional nat's set dex bonus
Victor...Nat Boots with Vit
mrlucid72 i'd say higher dex nats boots
Whats up with that andy's ANigerian You should be able to afford a lot more dex than that.

i like nat boots + ammy with avg dam and cc!
Sup guys, check my gear plz and give me some advice, not a lot to spend, 20m, what do you think I should upgrade first, big fan of bows, no so much xBows or 2x-wield. But any advice at all regarding whatever piece of gear will be appreciated and respected.
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