Diablo® III

Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

A decent windforce with a socket.
Andariel's with less fire dmg taken.
Nat's chest with decent vit
Nats boots with decent dex
DML with 17+IAS.
Inna's pants
Inna's belt

Similar stuff to what is in my profile pretty much.

For whoever is to recommend me an upgrade - just note that im doing a strafe spec, so IAS isnt a priority.

Get a 2 sockets manticore with at least 1200 dps. After 1.07, your current xbow would be worthless, sell it now before it still is.

Great set up overall, but without hellring/ruby gem on hat, paragoning should be kinda slow right?

As for myself, my final goal would be :

1) Better manticore with weapon %
2) Mempo with crit
3) Nata ring
I need this thread!!! Help!!! Dont want to give up IAS, but could use suggestions for more DMG or more AR.

@Qvoth - I would probably get some Strongarm's... Seems like an easy upgrade for you.

I think you can easily get higher dex and/or vit on your quiver.

2 sock manticore + dex.
One socket will be lame in the new patch with these new rubies

get a witching hour too instead much better dps... that inna's is pointless because that holy damage doesn't help cause you don't have a physical damage weapon, not to mention you don't even have a 2nd peice for it in your profile.

those 2 things would be the first thing i upgrade
@Skitz At par100 you don't need suggestions from me, but if you wanted you could get more DPS and crit from gloves, am and DML.

Don't think you need upgrade anymore. One of the better geared DH i've seen.
You have plenty of dex, but it looks like you could get more crit on that ring to me. Better geared than I so I can't comment too much though
@prox socket in quiver (i know hard to find)
@deadish better gems ( least in weapon i'd say )

I'll say the same to you regarding gems. :) Gems are at an all time low, time to get it now before prices fluctuate due to PvP patch.

very nice tank dh build :)
for upgrade... could use a better hellfire ring
@Optimus, great gear! I would say you could upgrade your gloves to get more dex/vit/ar while maintaining or increasing dps with more dex/cc/cd/as.
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@Xanidu a lot of great gear. i am not a big fan of the belt/pants thing but it seems to work for you. i would probably shoot for a trifecta hellfire
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@Obechu probably look into getting a nice vile ward
@Jsransif Cant see your profile, will comment if you post a link to it.
@Blackroses a ring with additional CC would be a great upgrade.
Get more all resist in your gear, you'll be able to do mp6 with your DPS
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