Diablo® III

Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

Well your gear is significantly better than my JC, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Probably get a better WH. Upgrade those emeralds in your pants. PRO ADVICE
Sup guys

I dont have any dh friends playing anymore so I"m looking for some advice.
I know i should get better gems.. :)
I forgot to mention I play on EU but I prefer US forums :)

My profile - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Alma-1541/hero/472634
double socket manticore and higher cc amulet will be good
@ghozty You need crit damage on gloves, vile ward and your jewels could use some damage.
@chuckNorris Inna belt would give you a nice upgrade in damage and not too expensive
Need help here. Hit a DPS block with my gear. Thanks in adv

Lets say ideally not op items.

Upgrade manticore Emerald to 100%. Hellfire ring not a gd roll can change to a rare. Mempo change to vit gem. Nats boot can get a200plus dex upgrade at least.
100 Worgen Druid
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Help. Hit 60 just recently and grinding mp1-2
Hopefully this changes profile pic

get cc nat ring, cc mempo or higher dex trifecta gloves, better gems, more cc on ammy. any of those will be a good upgrade. happy hunting :)

Not much I can say to improve you. Maybe, depending on how fast you eat through dis, I would swap your chest piece out with an Inna's Vast Expanse. You can most likely find one with very similar to much higher armor and attributes for dex and vit than what you have now for maybe 100-150 mil. I suggest this just so you can drop the 20 discipline and have the 2 set bonus for an additional 130 dex.

Also, the manticore you have is really nice DPS wise, so not sure if you want to keep it for the new Marquise gem type or not. If so, a ruby and a emerald Marquise would make it great. If you don't want to spend the money on that, then I'd recommend a 1200-1300 dps calamity. You could probably find one wioth 190+ dex, 10+ as, 90+ crit damage one for 40m without socket, maybe 100 mil more for one with a socket.

You could REALLY benefit from adding some critical hit damage and crit chance to your gloves!

Your amulet could also have up to 10% crit chance on it (I'd shoot for 8.5-9% so the price doesn't skyrocket), find one that has crit chance on it (and average damage).

Your Xbow could also really use a socket + emerald

Perhaps better deadmans

A decent strongarm bracers would help if you can get the ar from somewhere else.
@Muse Mempo with CC & Glove
@AbysSeraphim Mempo with CC :)
@Guz - I'd say a different Witching Hour w/your main stat or a similar ammy w/your main stat. Just fyi, not sure if you know, but you're on the US forums.
too many good items so this is a tough choice...i guess the witching hour
@shdwflare - an ammy, lol.
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