Diablo® III

Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

Thoughts for next items on me? thx
@atrail. I would go bracers. You could use some more all resist, and that's a piece that should be easily upgradable, for a reasonable price. You might sac a little dps, but the possible defensive gain more than offsets this, thus making that slot the easiest to upgrade, imo. :). Great gear btw.
@ Virus
It's pretty cool your trying to build your ways,
unfortunately, I don't think it's working out great. Hopefully you can change chest piece to something more powerful enough to give you more ehp and dps.
Graeat build- honestly, all I could think of was a ring upgrade. Everything else looks pretty good.
@ DarthMelkor

Looks like you mostly just need to start looking for items with CC so that you can pull away from sharpshooter....sharpshooter works and I used it as well, but you will ultimately have better success if you can crit more often without it. All and all i'm sure you're still very successful.good luck!
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Hit me up. I just started playing again yesterday and purchased some upgrades.

ETA: my softcore DH
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Softcore DH: I think you could upgrade your cloak/chest. The overall stats on it seem kind of low.

Hardcore DH: Your amulet could be replaced with one that has high dex/vit. At this point in time, you don't have enough crit to make that crit damage useful.
There are smoe kickass DH's in here, congrata to all!
@default: wouldn't gem upgrades push you north of 300k dps?

I'd say your Nat Boots would be easiest to upgrade.
boost up your DML

@ Yippy, Better Bow.
@earcat i wish i could... farming for it now

both rings and dml otherwise you are working it up well
ack I got skipped!

Obechu, I say Bracers next.
Upgrade your rare ring if you can and get some life from globes on it :)

Ok what's my upgrade keeping the frost theme
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@ Calamity.
I'm kinda amused that you're not a cooking cutting player. It's good.
You can change your nat boots to higher dex.
There needs to be lots of changes but take it slowly.
It costs sooo much to upgrade :(

I would say all your rings/ammy. they have so much potential ...
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