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Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

DEVINE - I would say the DML could be upgraded to a higher attack speed one like 19% for fairly cheap (2-3mill) without costing you any Dex or Vit.
Swap to a nice calamity over your Spite. or get a spite with a socket
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Oscar - Yeah that is what i'm saving for right now a calamity, just trying to decide if i want to spend my whole savings - 10mill - on it right now or keep saving for a higher dps one.
@Taco, your left right, ammy, or bracer are probably the easiest upgrades. Not too sure about the weapon since I mainly use 2hx

My current goal is to push over 300k while keeping eHP and total disc, I tried to switch to a 3xx dex DML, and can get really close to 300, but the lost of 9 disc is very noticeable. Besides going cc mempo, any route that I can take? Thought about new Nat's head for the 20 disc so I can drop disc from body and dml, but I think it will drag down overall dps and lost some asi.
@ Taco, find me in game. I might have something for ya.

@ ECOLA - Given the rest of your gear, that 12% Andy Helm makes me sad. So sad.
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@oscar not very much to say seeing you have amazing gear already but maybe a better nats reflection
@ Oscar I'm not too sure what to say. Your stuff looks good to me.
@Westernesse: A lot of your stuff is good. The main suggestions I'd make:

(1) If you've got Inna's pants and Nat's boots, the Lacunis only add 1% movement speed. I'd switch to the best pair of Strongarm bracers you can find. Yeah, you'll lose IAS, but the DEX can make up for that, plus you'll probably get a bigger boost to life (plus a slight boost to CC).
(2) Increased DEX on your DML.
(3) More DEX on your Nat's would probably help.
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@Vanadin77 higher dps manti

I am thinking you should upgrade your innas set next (top rolls on ele dmg/ias respectively, and with double dex/vit? or some AR). You could also just get an andys with 1 more IAS and lower fire dmg roll pretty cheap.

For whoever gives input on my next upgrade: other gear of note is a SoJ with 29 e dmg 9 bola, 79 res all strongarms, a deadmans with 14 bola 9 disc 9.5 cc 20 ias.
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@ Demopolos

Sell the current nats ring and get another with Avg (min/max Dmg) and 4+% Crit Chance with the same dex level. Will push your DPS 5k (ish) higher than your current ring.

Get a Strongarm Bracer or Vileward with higher Dex.
@diablomk3 maybe upgrade your WH to one with some dex?

I would go for nats boots with a double dex roll (very cheap these days and will be + 90 ish dex), and also would get some innas legs with either an AR or vit roll.


I appreciate your suggestion about my nats ring, except when I look on the AH, I never even see rings that outdps mine @ the 2 billion mark. Trifecta nats marks exist, but nobody sells them anymore, and mine with a chd + double dex + max ias + some armor rolls beats what I see on ah.
@ Dttin
keep up the good work!
should upgrade your nat chest piece with some vit
@ frozenarrow

i dont know what u can upgrade on that beast !! maybe the belt ???

ne wayz nice DH !!!
@ grimdigital idk maybe your DML
@ Grim

Get a Nat's Gaze with a socket! No wonder you are only PL92.

Or at the very least upgrade to one with CC.
@ Nocturnal

Get a DML with Max Disc. At 30 Disc you are going to get ruined in PvP.
thats a great idea ive been working on both CD and CC with most of my new gear
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