This is the one I'm using.!hdX!YcZZbb

I started with a melee wiz and it sort of evolved as I came up against other players. One by one, all the fun "in-your-face" skills got taken out until all that was left was "what works" in pvp.

Yeah, I'm back to a Blizz/Hydra kiting build. :-(
The CM Wizard in me cries out for justice.

Maybe this is how Blizzard designed wizards to play all along.
Anyway, I don't really enjoy kiting, but for PVP it works.

Works best with the fountain in the middle of the map and the circular area to the left of the river. Drop a hydra, run around like a chicken, stutter stepping occasionally to drop a blizzard in your opponent's path. When they tag you with a DOT effect, pop mirror image to stop the bleeding. Then round around like a chicken some more until they're low on health from storm armor.

When they try to run away, finish them off with a teleport: Calamity
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