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Help me pick my upgrades


170m budget.
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What's with all the pick up yardage?

Leoric's Signet? I would focus on your ring and boot set up. Plenty of room for improvement there. No life steal on your weapons? If you got some, you could dump Bloodthirst on your passive.
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paragon leveling to 100. i dont have to stop to pick up gold at mp0. i can just run past minions and take a few seconds to kill elites. it brings a lot more gold in than u think.. already paid for itself. the leoric's will be replaced by soj. I will need more time to get a better hellfire.
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Well I agree some pick up yardage is good, but really I have 6 and all I need to do is get near a pile and I pick it up. I would think 12 would almost cover the screen. 32 yds would pick up a piece of gold that the treasure goblin dropped on the next level!

170mil isn't a bad budget to work off of. I would focus on the main stuff (CC, AS, CD, STR, VIT) and get some leach on your weapons. You could blow 150mil on a minor upgrade of one item, so you obviously need to be cautious. Use the AH features and look for deals on underpriced buy-out options or focus on last minute auctions where no buy out was set. Sometimes cheap stuff slips through the cracks. I'd try and get away from your pickup radius. Its taking away a slot that could be used for weapon speeed/dmg or stat boosts on item that have it and really jumping the price.

You got to Plvl80 so you must know what you're doing in game. This is just my $0.02 Everyone has their preferences.
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Your barb is great for farming (MP0/1) but if you are looking for end game builds, you will unfortunately have to ditch most of that pick up radius. There are too many stats that you need in those spots to be viable at higher MPs.

Your AR and armor seem to be plenty for mid MP levels but your DPS might make it feel annoying. You are only stacking attack speed on two pieces of gear. Aim to stack IAS on at least 4 pieces (8/8/9/9 is ideal) so that you can hit the break points. This will allow you to move away from an axe mainhand and move to a mace or EF main hand. The average damage range will give you a huge dps bump.

Also you will need to stack more CD on ever piece you can.
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any idea of which item and what stats i would be looking for?
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