Diablo® III

Valor Stacks for all levels!

I wish you could get NV activated starting at level 1 so that we have a better chance of finding good items and legendaries when we are leveling up a new Hero.

In order to make it still rewarding at lvl 60
-Below lvl 60 should just get the MF buff (can be smaller than lvl 60 buff)
-lvl 60+ get both the EXP and MF boosts
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I disagree, but do think that they should buff low level legendary drops.

I just found my first Legendary in Normal mode on my fourth character, and this was only because I was playing at MP10 due to having farmed great gear from a higher level character. Still haven't found any in Nightmare on up and coming characters either.

I realize that if they did this then Plvl100 people could come through and get legendaries like candy, thus making brimstone rather worthless, but at this point in the game's life cycle why not?
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01/28/2013 06:56 AMPosted by TimeSpike
I wish you could get NV activated starting at level 1 so that we have a better chance of finding good items and legendaries when we are leveling up a new Hero.

Here's a short story to demonstrate why NV should stay with Paragon levels...and also, I guess, that Plvls should stay above level 60...

When I was deeply getting into Diablo 2, I had no idea there was a method of play whereby people would STACK Magic Find gear exceptionally early on. I, like plenty of people, just went out to find the best gear possible for our character, and upgraded as necessary. When I discovered this idea, I immediately ran with it, as it made tons of sense!

Enemies really early on are often exceptionally easy, and if I can get sets and uniques/legendaries to drop from them, I stand to get way better upgrades, that can occasionally last me longer, faster than if I just waited for them to appear organically.

Thus, in D3, I've been doing this a fair amount, and getting decent results. Is every legendary I get from a drop epic? No, especially now that I'm leveling my DH and he's the last of my classes that needs level 60. Have I even seen any set items drop? Once during an uber run with friends, it was an IK gloves (allegedly badly rolled), but since I found it with them and not on my own, I may brimstone it. So, still waiting on set items to drop.

The point is, I understand why, in D3, I'm not getting epic gear dropping like rain. Because my MF isn't high enough. Once I raise my Plvl on my highest characters, I'll very likely see more epic items drop...hell, probably enough to wade through the stuff that doesn't work for me and keep the stuff that does, so that at some point, I'll have exceptionally decked out characters wearing gear that I found all on my own.

Honestly, if MF were buffed for all characters early on, you may as well just remove it altogether and increase drop rates. It's an important low level gearing choice to go for higher end items early (which, in turn, increases the difficulty, as you're foregoing better stat and damage buffs for more Magic Find), or simply find the best stuff for your character to strengthen them as much as possible.
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