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Near Death experience. What causes DC?

Just made level 60 on my HC wizard last night, so this AM, I went shopping for better gear... when done, I went to try it in act 3 hell. I played for just a bit alone, no elites. Saw one a ways off.. Sent a Hydra on top of them, and nothing happened.. tried a couple more things, and nothing. It was then I realized something was gravely wrong.. so I eventually got out, and then it said I had been disconnected. ON a monday morning in the USA, how many people can be playing?

Anyway, What causes a DC?? Is it my gear? (modem, computer, OS etc), my ISP,or Blizzards servers or what? It was very scary especially after just reaching level 60!


Thanks in advance for your replies..
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It's really hard to say, essentially the client sends a request to the server and if it doesn't get a response in a certain amount of time you will get a DC. I was having frequent DCs and I traced mine to my router rebooting, possibly due to overheating. I ended up installing custom DD-WRT firmware on my router and underclocked the processor to generate less heat and that seemed to have fixed the issue. But I still get disconnects when my ISP does maintenance, usually early AM on Sunday morning. There isn't anything I can really do about that.
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I did recently get a new computer.. a MAC with thunderbolt inputs. I had to get a DSL ethernet to Thunderbolt adapter. It seems I am sometimes (1-2 times per week) loosing the internet connection when my computer is asleep overnight, and I have to unplug the modem then replug it to reset the modem to get my ethernet back (ATT DSL). It's been running pretty good otherwise. And yes, this am, I did have to reset my internet connection.
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I have no experience with Macs but I know on Windows there is a setting on the network adapter to allow the computer to turn off power to the network adapter when the power saving/sleep mode kick in.

I turned off a similar sleep mode setting on my hard drives that wasn't causing disconnects but was freezing my computer for a few seconds when a hard drive woke up. This is also dangerous for HC mode.
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I have an SSD (no hard drives per se).. so I don't think there is a sleep mode on the SSD.

I am totally ignorant when it comes to network stuff.. But I don't think there is an option for the network adapter to allow the computer to turn off power to the network adapter when the power saving/sleep mode kick in.


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It might not sleep like a normal drive would, however it will sleep to conserve power.

I have a Macbook Air that does this but I don't use it for gaming. It never impacts my wireless network at home and I'm using default settings. We have a cable modem connected to WiFi.

IMO, disconnects are random events. I have DCd once in Act IV, my lag was green and nothing unusual was happening. Then I noticed the casting animation triggering but saw no effect and shortly thereafter was disconnected. Totally out of nowhere and nobody else stressing our connection.

In sc it happened more often if I had been standing around for a while or spending too much time in the AH. The only person I know that DCs often has DSL too, but they're in England so who knows.
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