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Please fix Rakkis Crossing..

so some of you guys have pcs which meet the minimum specification for playing d3 and somehow it cannot be improved by putting the game/os on a ssd. someone must tell all those everyone that they are wasting their money, that disk IO is not the bottleneck when conventional wisdom is that it is.

the exception that proves the rule is that, for most, resource loading stuttering is solved by putting the game on ssd/thumbdrive. even if you had 16gb of ram/a sli gtx 690x2 and i3770k, its not going to help when disk trashing is the bottleneck/cause. a 15k disk will give you like what? 210 iops, a ocz vertex 4 gives you 85,000 -120,000

disk = slowest thing in any computer that can be replaced by something so much significantly faster .

as for write endurance

if you actually owned computers over the past 20 years, you realised
a) you upgraded before they failed
b) they failed. (I've had numerous wd/maxtor/seagate/hitachi disks fail on me)

they have 5 year warranties on ssds.
not having backups = recipe for failure. just mirror your ssd/os partition onto a cheap portable disk.
modern mirroring software makes os reinstallation easy. (macrium reflect free or paragon

you can distinctly see the game performs far better on a ssd when you have 3-4 cm ww wizards using meteor showers spamming at 3.01 aps.

you may disagree, then I'd love to see that monster of a machine of yours that cannot be improved with a ssd.
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Seriously man ? Are you saying that because you work this stuff or is it just the all knowing general culture telling you what to write ?

Tonight I am very high and therefore nice so I will actually tell u why what u said makes no bloody sense at all.

Drives contain often compressed data. CPU gets given a file system which queries the actual drive -> it goes and fetches data, caches it somewhere in the slow chache levels and in chunks and decompresses it. The result is sent to RAM.

The application's job is to determine which data from the game needs to get sent to RAM.
U don't want to load act2 in memory while u play act1, right ?

Having an SSD obviously speeds up the first process. Meaning that having an SSD will supply the cpu with more data to decompress, and since CPUs can handle really a lot, we can exclude it as a bottleneck. Then the result must be written in memory, so then memory write speed and latencies play an important part in the speed of this process.

However!! Eventually you're going to write all your necessary Rakki's Crossing data into memory. (THAT IS ASSUMING YOU HAVE ENOUGH MEMORY! You do, dont you ?!) and then you can pretty much turn off your bloody hard drive (joking, do not try) because you have everything cached.
To summarize - do NOT attribude low FRAMERATE with hard drive speed. Look out for a different kind of stutter, known as the memory lag, which is what you experience in any demanding game when you just start a level (unless you have a space PC :D )


I actually thought a bit on what could potentially be the problem, ofcourse I made some assumptions on how the render pipeline operates.
Now I just want to say that I have NOT experienced bad framerate there or actually anywhere with my clocked 7970. I'm running a 6 year old 7200RPM HDD.
Meaning I can't know whether there really is a potential 'sink' or whether D3's graphic developers have screwed up some particle emitters and some D3 level designers have decided to use that emitter a billion places in the level.

I attribute the problem to be of rendering nature, since otherwise, we would all have it.
I believe some shader in the client side is not getting compiled with the right directives. That is, after the processed shader is uploaded to the gpu, it does not meet a certain shader clause and fails to execute a particular render pass. Now this should immediately fail with 'unsupported shader exception', but I believe the shader makes a fallback to some other highly unoptimized implementation.
This problem could be coupled with a leak still, it is possible that it's connected to the level generation and (more importantly) instantiation processes, since before i get sent the meta to generate the map from, all I have is assets in memory. It doesn't make sense that those are wrong.

I'd go in the driver panel options of my GPU and try to first and foremost play around with Antialiasing, since it is a shaderbased postprocessing effect. I'd actually play around with all settings tbh. I'd try to change driver. Perhaps to something older. Check what GPUs were out, say, 6m-1y before release date (probably when act3 was made) and check out what drivers for your GPU were actual back then and try those. there's a good chance testing dept. tested with some of them. If your GPU is new and you don't have support for it in older drivers ... I don't know :) The rendering API (DirectX) is a step in the shader compilation process before bytecode gpu upload so theoretically it can make a difference, tho I really doubt it.

BLIZZARD WE NEED A RENDER DEBUG STATS SCREEN !! :D I know they have one in, but it's surely been disabled for release branch ;(

Sorry for the long post.
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Get about 10 fps att rakkis crossing. Even in some places in the crater with much mobs and spells att the same time. Dont matter if im running everything on low even sound channels.

I7 3820, GTX 680 SLI, 16 gig ram, OCZ vertex 3 SSD and Asus essence STX sound card.

And the video on youtube that chrisloup posted. Lol. He must be playing on a very slow computer. That doesn't even happend on my friend kinda crappy laptop.

Nice to play on HC and die just because of the stuttering in Rakkis.
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works fine please replace your wooden box
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If blizzard knows this why hasnt the problem been addressed?

Or give everyone that bought the game a usb drive for the game.Instead of a 60 dollar disc.
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There's more to it than using a usb drive. I got this computer to be able to play this game and the only drive I have is an SSD. I have an Intel Core i7-2700k CPU 3.50 GHz, 8GB Ram, and an EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2GB graphics card, and an EDGE Boost Pro 120GB SSD. That's it. I wanted it to be simple. Based on the comments here, the only thing "wrong" with this setup is using the onboard sound, but even disabling sound in the game does not fix the problem. I used to just get lag, but now the game is hanging and I have to kill the "not responding" program and restart it to keep playing.
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ITT: somebody complains about a game not running on their computer, and get hyper-defensive about their computer, when the problem is their computer.
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02/01/2013 08:35 AMPosted by Mark1030
I used to just get lag, but now the game is hanging and I have to kill the "not responding" program and restart it to keep playing.

Have you noticed this tending to occur when you're fighting elites, or is it random?
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first of all, i WAS running d3 on an old acer laptop. it was atrocious. lol. at times the game looked like it was still shot animations, and severely laggy. the last week i had the laptop, i had hooked it up to a tv and was playing on there to show my friend the game. it changed the game resolution and the game ran much smoother. when i got home and realized what had happened, i played around with the settings and found that with the lowest resolution, it ran smooth. i was already planning to get a new computer at the time anyway, so it didn't matter much, and my new ones (which cost me $400) runs with almost all the settings on high. i lowered the fore/background animations a little, turned shadows down to low (smooth) and play virtually lag free. yea, there's spikes here and there, but nothing unsurvivable. another complaint about loot, huh? what's your mf? what are you running? there's quite a few factors as to why you're not finding anything. i didn't start finding any good stuff in inferno until i was able to solo act 2/3 (pre-mp levels). i found an echoing fury that sold for 40 m, and various other pieces i had sitting in my stash that when the night was over, i had gone from under 1m to 99m. last night i didn't find anything of quality, but i'm up to 104m now.. i'd be more than happy to give you a hand and try to show you some efficient farming paths, or whatever. if you're not quitting that is. i plan on being in game within the next half hour - 45 minutes. or if you wanna add me i'm on quite a bit
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02/01/2013 09:26 AMPosted by k0re
I used to just get lag, but now the game is hanging and I have to kill the "not responding" program and restart it to keep playing.

Have you noticed this tending to occur when you're fighting elites, or is it random?

Sometime Elites but not always. Most often occurs at the part where you go down a narrow stairs to the left while on the right a Demonic Hell Bearer comes and starts spitting monsters out. It has happened in other places though. I just tried the "repair tool" in the d3 startup agent so maybe that will fix the hangups. But I've had lag there for months. This is a recent event log:
The program Diablo III.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.
Process ID: 1080
Start Time: 01cdff7bc67627f1
Termination Time: 180
Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe
Report Id:
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Just FYI it's fixed on PTR. Let's just hope it makes it to live. Try it if you have PTR. It's not your PC. i5 3570k at 4.8, gtx 670 FTW 4gb, 16gb 2133mhz memory, 128gb Vertex 3 SSD here. Go from 100fps down to 8 in some spots around there.
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I am actually really glad to see someone else posting about this issue. It's not necessarily limited to Rakkis Crossing (the stuttering/lag, that is), but it seems the most prominent there. Not one other game I own or have played has shown the same performance hiccups. I play BF3, Far Cry 3, TF2, Natural Selection 2 etc. on ultra settings without the problems I get from Diablo 3 on its lower settings.

Maybe the new director will have the enthusiasm to look into this properly. Unlike the first 2 months at launch when we were being told it was our systems because none of the devs 'experienced' it. Lol.
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Why hasn't this been fixed yet?

I'm on an i7-4770k with a GeForce GTX 780 16gigs of RAM and an SSD.

There is absolutely no excuse for my rig to drop to 20 fps on Rakkis Crossing when the rest of the game runs at 60 even with Wizards spamming their garbage.
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Blizzard fix trouble!!!!
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