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Why no drops from uber Maghda/Skeleton King?

I've defeated Maghda/Skeleton King five times now with my barb in the infernal machine on MP6 with 5 stacks of NV but they have not dropped the Writhing Spine for the Hellfire Ring any of those times. Can't figure out if I'm doing something wrong or not. Isn't there supposed a 60% drop rate on MP6? If my calculations are correct, there's less than a 5% chance of them not dropping the Writhing Spine any of those six times. Have I just been that unlucky?

As a side note, everywhere I've read that Ghom/Rakanoth drop the Devil's Fang and Siege Breaker/Zolton Kulle drop the Vengeful Eye, but for me it is the other way around. Ghom/Rakanoth drop the Vengeful Eye and Siege Breaker/Zolton Kulle drop the Devil's Fang. Is this normal?
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buy a mp10 carry.. any less and its pointless.. and the drop rate is pathetic..

many offer free carries when u provide machines... get 3 or 6.. 9 whatever together and spam trade chat or there r posts on here offering the service..

then sacrifice a goat.. offer ur soul to the devil.. fast for a month.. find inner peace and be one with the universe... and pray for 7days and 7nights to the d3 rng gods that u might actually get a hellfire with some decent stats..
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That's rng for you.

I didn't craft my first ring until I did my 12th uber on mp5, about a week after .05 hit.

With your gear you should be able to easily solo mp8 however, and do mp10 with a party.

It depends how fast you can farm keys, but I can put machines together pretty quickly so I prefer to speedrun mp8 rather than taking 40 minutes just to do one mp10 run in a party (mobs have literally double the amount of life compared to mp8).

Also not sure if you were just messing around with skills but your build is terrible.

Look up double tornado or hota/rend and you should be good to go.
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Doing any mp <10 leaves you at the mercy of the RNG.

I do mp10 carry runs for free

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