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Sold my first 100million item on Gold AH... this is BS

Why does blizzard charge 15% "tax" on the gold auction house? They don't make money, collecting the gold that they can create (it is there game afterall). They make money on the RMAH sales, so i understand the 15% charge... But charging 15% to sell on the gold AH? This is silly and there is no good reason for it. Even if i were to sell on the gold ah, and then sell gold on the rmah, i get hit 30% total. This is ridiculous.... Would love to see a blue respond to this in elaboration.

This is taken from their FAQ:
How is the transaction fee determined?
In the gold-based auction house, a 15% transaction fee will be deducted from the final sale price of a successful auction.

This is not an explanation. It is just stating what WILL be done. How is DEDUCTING 15% from a gold sale, considered a transaction fee?
Transaction fee
A charge an intermediary, such as a broker-dealer or a bank, assesses for assisting in the sale or purchase of a security or money.

This is fake currency we're talking about here, gold that blizzard makes, not real money.
Overall, this is very discouraging & makes zero sense.

What are you crying about? This is the only gold sink in the game. THE ONLY GOLD SINK.
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Please take a basic economics class or get some common sense. You sound like an absolute moron right now.
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Why the @$@% are you complaining when you just ALSO made a free 85m gold? This is nothing new in D3 either, not sure what rock you've been under......
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I don't see how adding gold sink in a game like diablo3 when there are items that are a billion gold (inflation).. The inflation ALREADY happened when people started botting. Why punish the normal player?

It was initially there to prevent the inflation in the first place, however the gold were just generated at faster pace than they ever predict.

However, they let bots run rampant... Had they taken appropriate action to ban them, inflation would not be nearly what it is. So the fact that mass amounts of gold flooded the economy is essentially Blizzard's fault, in the sense that it could have been prevented had more stringent actions been utilized.
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This has to be a troll thread. Has to be.

If it isn't... Oh dear. S:
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LOL at all you morons who think they know something about economics and thinks its for "inflation"

its simply another way for blizzard to make money instead of charging a monthly fee.
You do realize they are talking about the GOLD AH right? Blizzard made the game and can just make as much gold as they want. It's to make flipping harder. If it weren't for that tax I'd just keep buying something like 1000 gems and then turning around and reselling them for a few gold more to bank big.
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Should have inflated your price in the Auction house like everyone else.Then noone would buy it.Good luck to you sir.Obama 4 more years.
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you lose way more for selling for gold then gold for real money, it's say you sell a 100m item right?, you're left with 85m after the gold ah 15%, THEN you go to sell the 85m on the rmah, there are 2 15% fees, so at .25$ per mill it comes out to be 21.25$ before the taxes, now first 15%, 18.06$ and then they do a second fee for paypal, so 15% of 18.06$ is 15.35$.. so your total is 15.35$ for a 100mill item.. comes out to .15$ cents per mil.. it's !@#$ing bull%^-*..

-best way to do it would be 100m*.25$=25$= what your item is actually worth, so just do 30% up from that! so put it on rmah for 32.5$ and technically you skip all taxes if you were aiming for exactly what your item was worth :D

idk why i did all that.. was bored lol. enjoy
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I have over 1100 hours in this game and have yet to get a drop anywhere close to 100 mil. so consider yourself real lucky. Drops are so bad now that getting anything you can even sell for 1 mil is a rare occurance. I identify over 400 rares a day and they are usually not worth the time it takes to pick them up. Legendary drops seem to be just crap rares wioth a different color to make us think we really got something when we don't. As far as I am concerned that garbage drops have been the big problem with this game all along. Everything my character has is purchased at the AH and I think this is what Blizzard wants. So much fun farming over and over and over and getting nothing that it just gives me goosebumps. Blizzard know about the problem and does nothing about it and just says it is bad luck. Well count me lucky when I don't buy the next Blizzard game out of the gate till I see what I hear about it from other gamers. Blizzard by not fixing problems has lost my trust.
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PS - OP thinks he's rich and elite. Much like many of the rich and elite in the US, they think that a % of tax that applies to them should be lower than everyone else. Sort of backwards, eh? If anything, the OP should have paid 20%-30% tax.

That's hilarious considering the actual tax rates in the US. If you're poor here and have kids you will get more back (thanks to Earned Income Credit) than you actually paid in. If you're rich, especially if you live in Cali, you can expect them to come after 40%+ of your income. Better get a good accountant and learn to hide that $$.

Most of the people I know would be glad to break even. The more you make the worse it gets.

Want true equality, go with a flat tax.

The real problem with the AH 'tax' in the game though is that it has failed miserably to curb item inflation and gold devaluation thanks to obsessive farmers and botters.

The real similarity between the two economies though is that in this environment the rich will get richer and the poor will get nowhere.. lol

I got through reading like half of this and got mad. Are you like 14? Do you not know how taxes work? What the actual ****. If this is a troll, you've succeeded.

I swear, almost every time I read the posts in these threads I get pissed off by insurmountable idiocy. I (for some reason) thought that the D3 community should be smarter than the kinds of things I read here all too often.
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Op asks for more then he got.Hey at least u have more.Me I didnt have any problem at all with the taxes.I could care less about shortage,its just for some longevity.Patience cause Rome wasnt built in a day man.
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congrats on actually finding a valuable item. op's lamely veiled troll post bragging/whining about it has been a laugh, too.
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Its a way to avoid "marketing" ways to make money, if these weretn there you could just buy at normal price, put it 5% or 10% more expensive and make a but*load of money
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Gold selling on the RMAH is from other players. Blizzard can't just create unlimited amounts of gold(I hope not) and sell it. You simply buy gold from a player that selling his gold when using RMAH. 3th party sites are cheaper tho.

That's why I'd like to see 30% fee in trade windows, botting would go bye bye instantly.
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LOL OP, why do you have to be such a cry baby? You knew the sell fee before you posted the item, get over it! :)
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This is fake currency we're talking about here, gold that blizzard makes, not real money.
Overall, this is very discouraging & makes zero sense.

That's where your confusion may be... The whole monetary system is fake. Your money in your pocket is not real. It's fiat currency
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Whether you like it or not, the day Blizzard decided to implement RMAH, they put an intrinsic monetary value on gold. They have to put the same tax on RMAH and GAH. Otherwise, people will try to see their items on GAH and then sell gold on other venues.

Off topic wise, I believe RMAH is the true demise of D3. Jay Wilson might be more experienced in MMO and from time to time implemented something that didn't make much sense to a ARPG, but he is not the main culprit.

When you look back 5 years, I'm guessing those four guys from Blizzard North quitted because of RMAH. They were fighting against Activision on an important issue for sure. Parent companies usually don't meddle in the sub's business too much except on two issues: finance and important personnel. And D3's business model fits very well in their agenda.
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Dingbat OP needs to read the first 3 pages of "Ecomonics for Dummies".
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01/27/2013 04:05 PMPosted by hawkeye
In the merry world of on-line gaming it it otherwise known as a gold sink.

Except that standard gold sinks aren't sources of random revenue for the relevant company.
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