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I solo carry 2-3 people with all 3 portals, siege/Zk is a breeze provided that you time your rend w/ SB before he grabs you, so hp regens fast to counter those rocks and fireballs, & tornadoes damage that ZK throws while you're in the air. Thanks to Skorn, not sure if I could do this with dual wielding hotas.
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But, the skill has never seemed quite balanced to me. I don't think it needs a nerf really, just reveals barbs need more options to deal with crowd control. It's not an interesting skill to use and it relies so much on monster density and map layout. I don't think it was intended to stretch entire maps -- a few battles yes, but I think there are intentional gaps in action to try to break this ability and archon. I think this ability is one of the reasons they don't just add tons of monsters everywhere.

They probably didn't intend for Sprint to be the main source of dps for WW barbs either. It is what it is
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The hota/skorn barbs I've played with in mp10 seem to have trouble with wotb upkeep.
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WotB upkeep with Skorn isn't that straightforward. In addition to high CC and IAS, one usually needs both OP:KS and Animosity if they want to perma-wrath while farming, and even then it can be tricky.
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