Diablo® III

Tickets please, various issues

1. Disconnects only when playing Whirlwind Barb.

2. Have noticed that Whirlwind is not getting crit hits as much as a month ago with same stats. Has this been patched? With over 1k Life on hit I have noticed im just not getting life back, is this possibly a link to issue 1?

3. I am constantly having to delete my D3Prefs file to get 60 fps to work. This happens whether i run on max or everything set to low. All of a sudden the game FPS drops to 20 or below.

4. OK this one depends on me continuing to purchase further Blizzard games for myself and my family, but I would like an official response from you please.
I recently played with a player in a public game and was blown away by there gear, so I asked them how did they get it all. Their response was they did a coule few Alkazia runs a day and they got gold to buy items from drops. Fair enough but, they had only been playing a month and when I checked they had only killed 2800 elites in 180 hours game-play. To say I was gobsmacked was an understatement. I have been playing from day 1, along with a couple of buddies and my family. 1 of them gets better stuff playing 1 or 2 hours a week.
I have 29285 elite kills with 680 hours invested, and in that time I've found nothing major, and I'm still struggling to do anything above MPL3.
So my question is, do you nerf accounts that do the same stuff over and over in case they are a bot? I am asking because this surely does seem a bit odd that someone can come along and have over a billion ion gold in 200 hours compared to someone with over 600 hours. It dont stack up. Surely I cant be that unlucky.
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most likely the guy was lying to you and bought a whole bunch of gold and purchased some equipment. WHy would they nerf accounts for doing the same thing over and over again? it's what most of us do. Unfortunately.
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I agree but the guy was a she and she was 15 so I dont she had that much money to spend. It does not explain why my cousin plays only 3 hours a week and has amassed 500mill and I have exactly 3million to my name after hours of game play.

This is possibly due to the continual disconnects


3 games in a row, all just before I got a 5 stack.
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