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CM/WW WH question

so basically im planning on switching my belt for a much needed witching hour. This would be just an entry level Witching Hour but as a result i will be able to open up one item slot to something without IAS. realistically i was thinking about three items. also was thinking about switching to SNS CM/WW so if changing any of these items would be significant this change please let me know

mempo of twilight
lacuna prowlers
chantando force

with mempo would increase my crit chance and try to make up for the lost life (shouldnt be too bad)

with lacuna prowlers i would be losing movement speed but i would increase my crit chance

with chantando force i would be losing the set bonus so minus 130 int and 5% damange reduction i could potentially buy another source with about +150 average damage
plus if i got tal rasha i could increase fire damage by 3% which should be good with the fire damage from chantando will. or i could go oculus and get the elite damange increase ori could go trivitum and get the 5% elemental damange also something to keep in mind, is that my chant force is the most expensive item i got, at around 18m so if i sold it i would have money for some small upgrades and or get my upgrade quicker, but not sure if its worth it over the increased crit chance. right now my crit chance is 42.5%
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also another thought i just had was replacing my chantando will for one with crit damage,
i would lower dps and spend about 5m prolonging my quest for Witching Hour

NOTE: i know my posts are long but at least its not just another post saying looking at my armour what should i upgrade, im giving viable suggestions and trying to make sense of things =P
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i dont often say this but u need more crit chance over aps i think
i understand u bought the mempo for the ar but if u were able to sell ur mempo and chants force for what u paid for em,
then using a cc sc and non apoc force i think u would be using ur gold better and be able to afford adding cc and ar in some slots
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i wasnt going to increase attack speed in any way. the only way i can do what you said without dipping below the 2.73 breakpoint is if i add another item with that, which i guess could be my witching hour after i sell my force so that means i would have to get apoc on my helm

also you mentioned at cc sc but im not sure what that is
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crit chance storm crow or since u dont have to get loh there maybe a good rare helm with apoc
but u should only follow this route if youll end up with enough gold to fund these changes
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