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What is the next upgrade for the barb above?

@ Lurp

I really have no idea! Everythings pretty well rolled? Maybe the gloves? Higher vit and CD rolls to offset a few of the Amethysts?

Probably the first thing needed to be upgraded is the lacuni prowlers and try to get one with critchance

I would certainly upgrade that chest piece. At the very least, get some better jewels in it.
@Corgon, Socked Depth Diggers / Vile Ward Shoulders
Made a couple change , wonder what i should aim for now ?
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01/26/2013 07:06 PMPosted by Eldadelin
@Corgon, Socked Depth Diggers / Vile Ward Shoulders

That IK belt dude, 170-200 str IK belts are pretty cheap. That's like 100 str for you right there!

pretty nice barb. id get higher cc and as on gloves tho. higher cc in general. about 30-35% is ideal
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Better shoulder or mempo

I had to look twice 1M+ buffed!

Just did a AH check. Can't really get better pants. Inna's?

I dunno. NICE BARB!
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Looks like you could use some more life. Easiest piece for you to get that right now would probably be shoulders. Try dropping the life% and go with a much higher vit pair.

Looks like you also need more MS too so try out some decent lacuni's with 3.5cc+ and you should be better off.

Your next upgrade would be amulet and helm

Hard to pick, some pretty nice gear. I'd say a ring with str and crit damage

I'd go for that right ring bud, i'd go for one with AS, CC, str, vit, and average damage
I would start with glove and right ring with ias/cc, and ik belt with 170+str. Should cost less than 500k a piece.

IK Chest, CC Lacuni or str/vit/res rare shoulders
Pretty nice ik. Probably one more ias piece, either glove or ring.
@Charlie rings and amulet need to be upgraded for the best boost on damage
@GaMei, I'd have to say your Mempo is the next upgrade for you. You'll lose a little bit of HP, but the extra critical hit chance will only boost everything else! Good lookin' character.
@Aetherhole You can probably find a nice rare with even more str/vit and maybe +life % to replace your Vile Ward. But if you wanna keep the Vile Ward look, just find one with more vit is all I can see, other wise, very nice gear.
@imrawn , u should change ur EF to socket 1 and buy a Ik belt for more survivability
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