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What is the next upgrade for the barb above?

your solid man, a hellfire wouldnt malk a difference

Good set up but prefer the set bonus from IK.... anyways your next upgrade would be your lacuni more CC
Arthur, not sure what to recommend to you, since I see you are partial to having vitality and/or life% on as many pieces as possible, but I guess your off-hand ring could be upgraded to either having average damage and/or trifecta.

I guess if I were in your position, I'd be looking to upgrade the Vile Wards to have closer to 150 Vit as well.

Overall, good work and good lookin' character!
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tnx man, im wearing mostly drops. IK's ok but i wouldnt give up my climbers, witch or meph for
IK. thats a big step down. with rend i groove through MP10 pretty easy. uping my lacuni will be on a drop not a billiom gold at AH. at 250k dps and 800k with WOB and my life steal im a machine.

i dig your setup, got the same skorn, thats my MP 10 steup. i also have a great ik chest but with ruby in my meph i go for the extra 100 vit.
@jimsbulls, good stuff, however I'm curious why you didn't try to get more All Resists? Maybe something to look for in your next upgrades?

Just a side comment about the BT Surcoat, I really hate how it looks on barbs. I don't know... it just doesn't look right to me...

Sick gear sick weapons...I would assume next upgrade would be boots? Iceclimbers?
You prob know More than i do haha
@juiceme: i think your next upgrade should be bracer/boot => ice/lacuni is quite cheaper recently

Bracers need to have CC.... maybe Strongarms as the Lacunis can be quite expensive. The strongarms can provide CC vit and AR. You will lose MS but with the innas I think is enough.

And your jewelry. Its not bad but I like both rings and the amulet with CC+CD to maximize damage.

Love the gear, maybe start upgrading some of those remaining gems? I didn't run the numbers but I'm assuming you are at a good breakpoint with your IAS level - maybe double check on that?

I really like your build. I would think the Amulet is a nice place to start to get one more of the CC/CD/Ias Trio.
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@Riley - pretty nice barb for 0 paragon.

You need more crit chance in a bad way. I'd replace either the Lacuni or the Right ring with one with CC plus as much str and other stuff that you can afford.

damn bro very nice barb. only thing i can say is crit mempo and i am pretty sure thats the last upgrade i would make if i were u
@Nived -- you need a new weapon badly. I wouldn't use a stone of jordan just yet with your build either.

edit -- you have updated your profile with new weapons since I saw it earlier this morning. so you have good weapons now.

i would change your gloves to some immortal king irons and then switch out your belt to a witching hour. thats just me though
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GreyWolf, your rings and your amulet desperately need some decent average damage attributes on them. I would shoot for that first, those will provide the easiest damage boost to you.

Nice Barb... don't see much that you can improve. If you have a ridiculous amount of cash, the best upgrade I see is a 600-1200 + dmg Mace with the same stats as your Sickle. That or your rare ring upgrade to one with similar stats, but also with crit dmg.
@Drexl love your new amulet:)

I have no idea what you can upgrade..you are so stacked.

Maybe better shoulders?

Sup with the ghetto pants?!

Currently you're limiting yourself to +12% movement speed. Your best bet right now would be to pick up a set of Inna's temperance pants with vitality as the modifier, then drop a couple rubies into it. I just found a set with 70vit/9IAS for 7.5mil on the AH. You can't go wrong!

What's my dude missing?!
@briz.. Could probably get better ice climbers for decently cheap.

Also, I know my rings suck stat wise. But I need them for XP, and still haven't rolled a decent HF.
@thhoj, I'd say that a higher str, crit mempo would be one of your next upgrades.
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