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What is the next upgrade for the barb above?


Your gear looks pretty good, all I can say is find a Stone of Jordan that is for Barbs and upgrade gems.
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Your gear looks pretty good, all I can say is find a Stone of Jordan that is for Barbs and upgrade gems.


Fire walkers are god awful boots 99% of the time...get some ice climbers please, or maybe IK strides if you want the MS

very nice gear bro. Maybe try getting higher crit chance on your ammy? Also CC on mempo.
@nevernguyen invest in ice climbers!
@Jrambo innas pants!!!
@GaMei an amulent with similar stats but higher crit damage

You are pretty much a badass. Maybe you could upgrade the SoJ to have higher damage against elites?
You could probably go for a CC mempo !! If not , i would update your SOJ to get a barbarian one with the skill you like !!
kastermaster#1172 Belt ethier Ik or witching hour
@way look into getting ik gloves with ias and cc

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@halfryce you should try to get and ammy with 8cc+ and 90+ cd with both STR and VIT no other spot can you come close to 100% CD so imo its important to get 90+ on ammy. Also get some lacuni with CC.
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@ Pwnani

Already hella strong, would only recommend changing your helmet for a crit mempo

You have a solid set of gear. I'd recommend saving up for an All Res IK triumph. Alternatively, a double str/vit roll can work.

As a Skorn user I strongly suggest with more ias, upgrade rings and amulet

there's nothing i can really say, you're gear is insane!
the only thing i can say is overall, the crit chance could use a small boost, but honestly, to find pieces better than the ones you have already will be tough and super expensive.

@ arthur

the same as luan. great gear. you'd just have to sit there and nit pick what you already have, like getting more cc on ur helm. i feel like i dont even have a right to say what you two guys need.
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I'm not sure how how you got that much cashola for your build, but you should save up for a new skorn next. I found a few in the AH with better stats + bleed for 500M. I hate to say it, but that's your next best bet!! Keep up the good work!
@brizzly id suggest cc lacunis
someone help me out please.
@ awesomdimsum I think some new shoulders would be a good idea.
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