Diablo® III

What is the next upgrade for the barb above?

@latino4vidad New IK chest with 300+ combined stats

Mostly just gems I'd say. Perhaps replace your off hand with something that has attack speed, or an echoing fury.
For all the great stats your main hand brings in it also seems low on dps, which could be improved. Your Hellfire is absolutely ridiculous by the way.
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Anyone got any suggestions for me? I only have about 20mil to spend atm so I was thinking of upgrading my ammy. With another 9% ias though I think I could hit the next aps breakpoint (at 1.89 without WOTB). Would this be worth it and if so, where should I look to get that ias from?

Thanks for the help!
@ TDK: you are a WW barb with no movement speed. get to 24 move speed asap.
@ Doyle: maybe get a black damage main hand weapon and a stone of jordan for WW?

IK chest Armor could get more vits and u certainly need more CC

uhhhhhhh.. get 6 cc on ur mempo jesus what r u thinking. jk very nice barb bro
@Nived better ring maybe?
Id say better pants #orwell
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02/01/2013 12:17 AMPosted by AnalArcher
Id say better pants #orwell

New mainhand; devil's tongue is trash, especially for WW barbs.

better gems would be nice, but overall good stuff man.
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@NeverNguyen - some gems...

lol i like the set up on xena,
@Nived : you seem all set ! lol .. !
You are in a good track, The easiest upgrade is to get some vit or AR in your helm, then some crit chance on the ammy and get some new blackthorne pants (non-legacy ones).
the ring
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would upgrade the 2 ruby you have left to radiant stars and maybe some new sexy gloves other than that you seem awesome.

Life% on Vile Ward.
CC on Mempo.

Nice setup!

In first place the bracers and feet

Gems :)
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