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CM Wiz gear/build check


I just came back to diablo 3 after giving it a break and so far I love it.

I quickly chucked together this (Horrible) CM build. What do you think I should upgrade in order to get a decent CM build going. Once I get my CM going im looking into a archon build for xp farming.

Also what would be the best mp/act to farm for loot on my current CM build, or one after purchasing upgrades.

At the moment I have 120Mil to spend but if I upgrade an item I will sell the previous allowing me to get some more money and I will also be farming in the mean time.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

PS: If you want to add me in game to talk about it you can or if you have some items so sell without the 15% AH tax then we can work something out :).
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You have excess arcane power on crit right now. You really only need about 18-20, so 2 pieces with it. If you are going to go with a storm crow (which is the way to go unless you're gonna spend alot of gold), then you can get a source with much higher damage but no arcane power on crit and sell the apoc source to fund upgrades elsewhere.

I would do that and switch to a storm crow with critical hit chance instead of the (really low) all resist.

Rings - lose the hellfire for CM stuff, you need a really nice hellfire to justify using it for a CM build, save it for your archon xp farming. The other ring is decent, but you might do better going to one with only CC and attack speed (at close to max levels) and no critical damage.

Your life on hit is low, look into blackthorne's pants and/or amulet. You can probably only get 1 on your current budget if you upgrade in other areas.

Boots - get somthing with all resist. You'll probably have to sacrifice a bit of intelligence to do so, but I would try to get the survivability and freezing working before worrying as much about dps.

Belt - this really needs an upgrade. If you can't afford a decent witching hour, at least get one with at least 2 of all resist/armor/vit.

There are really a lot of things you can improve, so I would try to spread that gold around several items rather than buying 1 or 2 expensive pieces.

You still need to work on your resistances/armor/vitality before worrying too much about dps, but you have some cheap(ish) places you can pick up some dps.
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@ Jackstaw Thanks for the input. I am going to start adapting my gear using your sugestions. Once I have done most of that what mp lvl do you reckon I could farm?
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