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Small improvements or big ones?

So I have been playing for a few months and have pretty green 60s for each class and am basically broke all of the time (never played SC so no SC gold to xfer). I know most people are at the point now where they don't have this issue as they have a stash/bankroll they can use to gear out their fresh 60s but once upon a time you must have been gearing up your first toons too. So my question is... when you were gearing up for your first HC toons, did you make incremental improvements to your gear, or did you save up for big improvements?

Making incremental improvements is nice for the instant gratification and immediate survivability improvements (you can't gear a dead hero) but it seems the least efficient as you won't keep your gear for as long and probably won't be able to sell it for the same amount you paid for it. This is what I have been doing but I feel like I'm kind of blowing my money...

Also - is there any way to preview how your stats will change if you purchase an item from the AH?

I probably make about 100k-150k/hr on my p7 monk and have ~700k in the bank.

I know there's major changes I could make to all my builds, and probably some great farming routes to increase the money I could make per hour, but really I'm just curious as to people's thoughts on whether I should save for the big purchases or not...

Thanks and stay safe.
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I started fresh too and the way I upgraded was spending about 1 million gold per piece of gear. I ended up finding a goldskin in hell act1 that sold for 6mill so I had a jumpstart at 50. But ever since then I've been plvling and selling unid stuff every now n then. Wizards are great for makin money btw.
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Initially small improvements such that you can farm Act 3 mp 0

Once you are able to farm comfortably , you can go ahead and store the gold for the huge upgrade / BiS type
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I started from scratch too and have at this point gone through the progression all the way to end-game. In the beginning what helped me out was regularly checking the AH for upgrades. I found upgrades in the 150-250k range that lasted me well into A3 MP0 farming. Which is, to be fair, only like 1-2 runs through A1 inferno. I didn't really look for big upgrades until I had sufficient stats to comfortably do A3 MP0 games (at which point it is just a matter of time until you find a decent drop that can bankroll your 'biz' upgrades).

(pretty much what said Wockets just said, only with more words!)
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