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Looking for gearing advice (??)

"Wait - doesn't this guy have a gearing services thread...?!?"

Well, yes. =) But as I've said repeatedly to the ones who've come to me with budgets of 800 mil and 1 bil or whatever - I don't know that market very well, or that level of gear.

My ultimate goal has always been to be SnB. I just think there's something aesthetically, philosophically right about it. =) I think I'd be fat, dumb and happy sitting plump at 120K DPS, with 60K life, 700 resists and 6K armor. That's the goals I'll set for myself for now.

I just bought a Witching yesterday. Cost me 29 mil, which I think is a good deal for this one. (You guys agree...?) I had been ramping up resists and vit in anticipation of losing my mega-EHP belt. But, now that I have some decent attack speed even with a shield (2.00 at least), I'm starting to think I want to head in this direction more permanently, so I found this shield that I won on bid for 3 mil, and an ammy (scrapz's suggestion?) with crit dmg and attack speed for 800K. =) You can see all this gear on my profile, the weapon I'm using there is my current OH on the DW setup.

So - I know a good weap with crit dmg (instead of dex, presumably) is a must. But other than that? I only have 80 mil right now, mind you, but just leaning forward, what are some things I should upgrade? Both rings can have an additional DPS modifier, I know, but where's a good place to make up the EHP lost this way? I was thinking of getting a trifecta ammy for the attack speed, but without the avg dmg. Basically, keeping same DPS but increasing IAS. Worth it? I am an IAS junkie, I'll admit, but I'm also thinking spirit regen and LOH...? Maybe gloves with lower dex but trifecta....


EDIT : Just saw Piffle's thread after I posted this - kinda made me feel a bit better. =))
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29M for that WH is a fair price, sure you can even make a profit selling it in the future!
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Make sure you get life steal on ur wep because that is the only place you will be able to get it if you are s/b.

Also s/b monks are missing crit dmg compared to dw monks. So having a socket and some CD would prolly be good as well.

I've never actually made a s/b monk, but from what I've read my advice seems sound.

GL with ur build!
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29M for that WH is a fair price, sure you can even make a profit selling it in the future!

Yep, I wasn't really planning on buying it just yet (although the EHP stats were all ready to accomodate it), but that one just appeared and I thought it was too good to let go, so I made the plunge. =)
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