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Can A Blue Please Respond About The Obvious Duping???


Please keep this at the top, we really need an official response to this.
Search the AH right now:

amulet: int,vit,resist all, IAS, CHC, CHD.

2 godly-ish items, same name, same stats: Pandemonium Seal.

I don't know how Blizzard hasn't tracked some of these down yet.

Edit: Interesting, I've found several dupes in the past 10 minutes, but you can only bid on ONE of them, the others are always greyed out. Seems to be a first step in slowing down the duping economy. If people are duping with the intention of selling, and only one can be actually be bought at a time, that should slow down the problem considerably.
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yea its kinda kinda ridiculous
went to buy a new offhand found 7 pairs of weapons
(2 of each weapon x7)
also if u search vile wards, this one has been around a while but
294str and 117vit, there is always at least 2, as of today there were 5 lol
I really don't understand these threads...

Why does this bother people?? Diablo is a pay-to-win game. There is no accomplishment directly related to gear when you can simply whip out your credit card and be farming MP10 if you wanted to.
there are also duped lacunis, the other day i saw them :S
There's another evidence that i found.
see in this topic
I really don't understand these threads...

Why does this bother people?? Diablo is a pay-to-win game. There is no accomplishment directly related to gear when you can simply whip out your credit card and be farming MP10 if you wanted to.


Some of us want to make the game better, and trolls like you are no help. Take your teenage angst somewhere else.
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There's only 1 solution to this, and that's for them to completely stop restoring "hacked" accounts.

Which they should do, but they aren't going to so yeah.
I wish they would dupe a bunch of nice zunimassa's pox. could really use one.
Well understand that a lot of the duplicates seen are not results of hack duping. If you go to the bug report forums there is post indicating as such.

Blizz did a "rollback" on the d3 servers which caused issues in latency and posting. Sometimes you just see the same amulet/ring whatever posted multiple times because the original posting has not come off the ah yet. It is a bug in the AH. You will also see items that say "0" as the bid and are greyed out. Those are a result of posting latency as well.

As far as I can tell, blizz is aware of the issue but has yet to post what they are going to do in order to resolve the issue. Something tells me the solution is faily complex, otherwise someone would have posted something by now.

Don't get me wrong...there is some duping going on for godly gear...but most of the items you guys are seeing as dups are actually errors resulting in posting latency and people pulling gear their gear off of the market to price at a lower price.
do blues even exist?
Their excuse for making the game online only was to avoid hacks and dupe methods, annnnd due to their own rollback system if you have several accounts and an internet cafe you can easily make several billion gold. Oh !@#$ they are the cause of what they wanted to avoid... Panic? /delete
Very surprised not deleted yet.

Blues will never admit it. They might say there was SOME duping if/when they stop whatever exploit is being used and do a ban wave but they will never admit it before then probably some bull!@#$ about ruining customer confidence when its so blatantly obvious.
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they wont announce it because the majority of d3 players are not playing and or not frequenting the forums and this kind of news could kill the game for them
duping problem got lot worse in the past few days.

I think part of the problem here is Blizzard most likely dupes items for by restoring the so called "hacked" accounts and they are most likely aware of the situation but dont have a good solution in place.

Also these items being sold over and over would produce revenue for Blizzard so unless it gets completely out of hand, I don't see why Blizz would work to cut some of their profits in order to make a handful of players happy...

I think until it gets abused to the point where a uber item is worth pennies due to having hundreds for sale on the AH/RMAH, Blizzard will not touch this subject and perhaps in all honesty they actually might be deleting some of the dupes, but don't actually release any information...
I've found an item that was an exact duplicate off the same mob once. It CAN happen. I do believe there is a duping problem, there seems to be a lot of evidence of it. The last thing a dev or blueposter/whatever you want to call them is going to do is post in a thread that is fueled on hate and anger at them whereby replying will only increase those feelings. I like to believe they are considering their options on what they can realistically do, until they have a sound solution you will not likely hear from them. It sucks, but that seems to be the way it is.
Keep on bumping it, maybe a blue will reply but i'm not holding my breath.
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