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Shoulder Stats itemization

I'm searching for a Vile Ward to buy, and since I'm on a tight budget, or at least I'm trying to manage my budget, I was wondering which stat of the two would be more preferable: vitality, or life%?

If you look at my profile, you'll notice that I have a long way to go in terms of equipment itemization. But I'm currently only interested in my shoulder itemization dillema. Since I use a Zuni's Vision, I'll have the possibility later on of gearing it towards 25%+ life%, so would it be better if I took shoulders with a further 8%+, or get another 100-200 vitality?

Much appreciated.
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The 100-200 vitality would be a no brainer. It would result in more life now and give your more life when you get your Life% jewel. Life% is based on your vitality, not total health, so it usually is better to choose vitality if there is a choice between the two.
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imo for ur current gear, i'll skip both on the Vile.

Why? cus vit and %life on vile are so much more expensive then the other, so skip them and add some on the other slot.
The extra vit or %life will cost you millions and millions on this spot where on other spots it'll cost only couple100s k or couple millions only
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My first recommendation is to use a good calculator that will tell you the impact of gear changes before you make them...

I suspect the best deal you will find is a combination of good vit and good Life% (this will probably be cheaper than 100+vit and more effective).

In my experience, Life% is easily the most cost effective defensive stat (cost vs. impact) out there.
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Thank you for the input, I have decided to go with a simple Intelligence only Vile Ward, and then work my way up towards one that consist of Vitality, and Life%, with the former being prioritize.
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I find of the two life % is usually cheaper.

Consider Dex and STR as a second if Vit is too expensive. Both help on the EHP. (Dex suprisingly good in EHP calculations with dodge, I keep around 500 dex if possible) These are nearly free on a high INT Item.

I also use my shoulder for PUR since you will have an open random roll spot most likely. This will add to the price but not so much if you are dropping life or Vit. + Health globes also good to get here.

good luck.
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Get vitality, that's a no brainer with your relatively low vit/health pool.

For your other stat I'd go for strength or life %, but you'll a hefty fee for the latter.
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