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2/8/2013 - Today's Topic: Blizzard's Acquiescence

For me, the worst part about the state of this game is Blizzard's general ambivalence toward making things better.

Before I go further, let me say this: I still play the game. I still play the game because the combat is fun. I still play the game because I love the pacing. I still play the game because I have hope that Blizzard will do the right by the Diablo series.

I have hope that there will be a true end game; that Blizzard will realize in a game with an AH - gear hunting cannot be the end game.

I have hope that Blizzard will fix the itemization issues

I have hope that Blizzard will make good on its word that Diablo 3 will be the best Diablo game yet.

That said, my hope is waning. The patches are just not addressing core issues, and most blue posts miss the target, or fail to acknowledge the core issues that are preventing this game from being what it is capable of. That tells me Blizzard knows the game is fundamentally flawed, but does not know how, or is unwilling to fix it.

Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe Blizzard is happy with the overall state of the game. Maybe these small patches that include a few additional carrots to chase, and some balancing adjustments are all Blizzard thinks needs to be done. If that is the case, I'd like to know.

I'd like to know if Blizzard thinks this game is basically where it should be, and that the fan base simply expects to much. Time will tell.

That's all I got. Out.
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2/12/2013 - Today's Topic: My take on 1.07

Why wasn't "brawling" available at launch? There is no balancing, no rewards, no additional support systems. Its just plain, vanilla pvp. It wasn't included because the D-team thought they had control of the team PvP situation, and they didn't. They failed. They failed, and we now have "brawling"...2/10

There are some gold sinks via new gems. Big deal, its carrot that only the most hardcore fans can afford and are willing to spend the time to achieve. I believe the average player will never achieve a marquise gem at the current cost. Not a big enough carrot for most people to chase, and the diminished returns vs the expense really makes me wonder if I will invest the cash to upgrade, probably wont...3/10

BoA crafting gear
I was initially down on the new BoA crafting, and I still think its not an optimal way to address itemization issues in a game designed around trading, but it is what it is. Blizzard made a good point yesterday when they said it works well for those players who are looking at very expensive upgrade costs. I was planning on farming the new recipes, I still am...5/10

Skill Balancing
Skill balancing: its nice to see that blizzard will be relevant again. I've already started thinking about how I will incorporate the skill into my build. I can't speak to the adjustments to other classes, I only play wizard. I'd like to hear people's take on the changes to the monk...7/10

Monster Affixes
As a wizard, I love the RD nerf. I also think the adjustments to plagued and molten are a good move...8/10

MP Adjustments
Additional XP in MP is nice. I'm am glad Blizz realized that MP is not worth it unless you are working on hellfire rings...7/10

Legendary Dyes
Good, but considering the core issues with this game, it is inconsequential...3/10

All in all, the first substantive patch in almost 3 months is...4/10
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2/13/2013 - Today's Topic: 1.07 one day out

I played about 3 hours of 1.07 last night, and I have some thoughts on that.

What Impressed:
1. Increased XP bonus in MP
2. Vanishing dye on Firewalkers
3. Blizzard skill is relevant again
4. RD affix is manageable, but still challenging

What Disappointed:
1. Drop rates on new plans - I was really excited for a reason to grind some areas of the game I don't often see (SK for example), but then I realized that within 2 hours of launch, the market was already saturated. I bought all the intelligence plans for 3m.
2. New gems suffer from diminished returns - I just don't see the reason for 95% of the player base to invest in marquis gems. I'd like to think a gold sink would affect a larger part segment. Then again, I've seen a lot of marquis gems linked already...
3. MP public games are plagued with players who are reaching into MPs they have no business being in. I used to not play public games because I like to run MP2. Now I don't play public games because I can't carry.

What Surprised:
1. Meteor is now irrelevant. This is a punch in the gut because its the build I prefer, but it needs a buffed. Why use meteor anymore? Blizzard costs less, it's larger AoE, it's greater DPS, it has no lag, it requires less downtime.
2. People are crafting marquise gems...a lot of people are. It will be interesting to see if this noticeably effects the economy at all.
3. Running solo is, unfortunately, still the best way to grind.
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