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Removal of spam/bad questions in Ask Devs thread.

You guys can't honestly be expecting any real answers to any of the real problems the plague this game can you?

You can ask the Dev's everything under the sun, But they will only answer what they have been told to answer, and they will give the answers they are told to give.
The Dev's are like the musicians in an orchestra, they're the ones that play the piece, but they are given notes to follow and are directed by the conductor. they have no free will.

Jay took 9 months of abuse and stepped down/got moved on before Rob Pardo showed up and took the blame for D3, we should have an "Ask Rob Pardo" thread to find out what is happening with this game. The Dev's are puppets.
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This is the first thread I've ever made that has gotten a blue response. And you know what?

I do feel a little special.

But just a little bit.

I am more happy that two of my three dev questions are 'Highly rated' by others right now!
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01/29/2013 08:11 PMPosted by TopStock
2. And still, the question hasn't been answer: What does PoE have to do with patch 1.07?

if you want to ignore the point just ignore it

the point is PoE is releasing while we are in patch 1.07 and the patch 1.07 is lame customization. that is what PoE has to do with patch 1.07

put it under current events, aka take your head out of the sand

Though you conveniently left it out of your quote, here it is again:

1. So you couldn't ask about customization [or anything else for that matter] without dragging PoE into it?

By the way, if you don't think Blizz is not only aware of PoE, but also has employees playing in the beta, then it's not me who's head is in the sand.
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01/29/2013 12:31 PMPosted by phantomite
n other words "we will only answer questions that won't hurt our reputation"

the buried post say "onion?", etc.
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how can i play 2v2 arena try everting and i not now how who can help name donalawie
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