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Now I understand why Diablo 3 is a bad game

01/29/2013 03:28 PMPosted by Adenhart
I played for many weeks, then stopped. I didn't come to some grand conclusion about the game, I just slowly stopped logging in.

I played a living lightning cm wiz and got to act 2 inferno about may 20th and instantly knew this was a bad sequel. I still played cause my friends did and I wanted to give it an honest chance but D3 is a boring grind for loot without much loot.

01/29/2013 03:28 PMPosted by Adenhart
The biggest problem is the auction house and gold as currency.

100% agree

01/29/2013 05:10 PMPosted by Picard
Anything can be a currency, no matter how rare it is. And it is also bot-able.

the combination of
-gold being so consistent and reliable for bots
-gold sales on the RMAH

make for a botting disaster
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I disagree. I've come up with many viable builds while grinding for loot with my wizard. Sure, I'm not going to do MP10 with any of them, but I don't need to, nor do I want to, and it's common knowledge that MP0-2 is best for farming, which is what I'm doing.

Anyway, there are a lot of builds if you're inclined to try your hand at coming up with one.

And if you're talking about each node in PoE being a choice then that choice is about as meaningful as the gems you put in your gear in Diablo 3, stats essentially. The bigger passives in PoE represent real, meaningful choice, and there is only a handful of those.

And they're just as efficent as an archon build for low mp's? I highly doubt it.

I've not played around a whole lot with diff builds in PoE, only did one of the HC races. And watched Kripps stream the last race he did and some randoms times before that. And some of those builds are really not focused on the keystones you talk about but rather about lots of the smaller ones stacking up.
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01/29/2013 03:28 PMPosted by Adenhart
Diablo 2 was amazing because there was no true currency, the game was about finding awesome items and trading them for other awesome items.

Admittedly, I enjoyed D2 much more than I have D3 so far, but you must have forgotten that it didn't take long until SOJs (specifically, duped SOJs) were actually the currency in D2 for a long time. After that faded, trading depended almost entirely on 3rd party sites like D2jsp and others, there really was no such thing as trading and item for an item.
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diablo 3 i have yet to get one drop that sells over 100m. you grind and grind and grind for mediocre items, and when you get a legendary, you can't even get excited for that anymore as you still have to get a good roll. to upgrade you have to spend money or gold, and that progress is sloooowwwwwwwwww........

diablo 3 = plain boring, and the d3 community is PART of the problem, not just Blizzard.

This is by far the biggest problem: You are MORE worried about selling an item for gold, rather than trading up to make your character better. This game has turned into merchant tycoon.
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I don't believe this, I really think the Diablo 3 team is committed to making the game better. I just don't know if they're willing to change the game as drastically as it needs to be changed. Switching from RMAH to Micro transactions is a big change.

Unfortunately a good analogy to their patching efforts is; watching someone swim through wet cement.
I really feel they have no clue as to where there game is going.
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D3 > PoE
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Actually, this guy had a point in another thread. This whole "d2 was better because there was no gold currency" is actually a biased opinion. Anything can be a currency, no matter how rare it is. And it is also bot-able. Trading "awesome items for other awesome items" was hardly practiced in D2. It was always, SoJs or Runes as currency. And not only they could be bought for real money on 3rd party sites, they were also duped. So please, lets not pretend that D2 trading was some excellent model for others game to follow

Gold in D3 is way easier to gather with a bot then SoJ's and Runes were in D2 thou. SoJ's and Runes come down to RNG. While gold is a steady income.

But no D2 trading wasn't perfect, but it created a community. You had to interact with other players. In D3 you just search the AH for a couple of hours while watching a movie or something else.
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^ gold is gear , gear is gold , botters farmed 90% of all gold because its $

therefore I hate gold

im sure trading Pemeralds or cold dmg SoJ's would be better, also blizz would have to fix their terrible items
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I was one of the people who waited for years for Diablo 2 then waited even longer for Diablo 3. When error37gate happened, even though I'd taken time off work I stayed calm, I remembered how unplayable Realm servers were during D2 launch. I played for many weeks, then stopped. I didn't come to some grand conclusion about the game, I just slowly stopped logging in. This is far worse than hating a game, after all, the opposite of love is indifference. That is truly how I ended up feeling about Diablo 3, indifferent.

It wasn't until I started playing Path of Exile that I realized everything I didn't like about Diablo 3. The biggest problem is the auction house and gold as currency. Diablo 2 was amazing because there was no true currency, the game was about finding awesome items and trading them for other awesome items. It fostered community and gave the game a great feel, as Path of Exile does now. Diablo 3 "feels" empty and cold. You farm gold to buy items on auction house to farm more gold to buy more items.

The other issue is class customization. Diablo 3 offers almost no real choices in character customization. You get to max level, you can swap around stuff at will but in the end you're probably only using one or two "viable" builds. One Wizard is no different from the next Wizard, except in gear choices, which are not generally choices but a treadmill of item level. Diablo 2 offered you hundreds of points of customization through stat points and skill points, Path of Exile has almost 1400 different choices.

Path of Exile feels how I wanted Diablo 3 to feel. It is much more of a true sequel to Diablo 2 than the current state of Diablo 3. I'm really really really hoping that the Diablo 3 devs will look at what GGG has accomplished with just a small team and learn from it. It's not too late to save Diablo 3 with an expansion that removes the Auction House and adds a real ingame community.

Congrats, I've come to the same realization myself recently. Tonight I gave my wizard's gear and remaining gold away to a random guy in general chat. See you in wraeclast where we have permanence in character builds, better itemization, and no AH's. You're better off in the end. Give your gear away to the people still enjoying this game and move on.
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indeed +1.
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dont really understand why it took you playing PoE to understand D3's problems. they were glaring from the get-go. D3 was still an enjoyable game, but D2, TL2, PoE are all easily more complex and customizable and have more endgame content then D3 (well, TL2 is prolly the weakest endgame out of non-D3, but it does have mods)
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I gotta admit, I'm more enthralled by the 15ish or so hours I've put into PoE compared to the 750ish hours I've put into Diablo 3. I like Diablo 3! It has a great combat system and some neat things about it. However, Path of Exile just has so much depth to it. I love how the passive tree actually complements the skill system and itemization. Your gear isn't your end all be all of your character either. Even something as simple as resource management through flasks is interesting due to the affixes they can roll. Don't even get me started on how much better the Orbs are compared to gold. Hell, they even make white items useful in PoE.
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im just waiting for bliz to admit to everyone they F ed up diablo3 beyond repair and jsut release an offline patch with lan and private servers
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the real reason this game is a mess when compared to d2..is simple ..this game was made to port to console ..that's why its so small and shallow. in order for the RMAH to be viable on multiple platforms the game must be the exact same on all platforms. what we see is games released for pc are "shrunk down" for port to console (bf3 great example of this). what we have here is the opposite a pc game shrank down to accomodate the release to console

that or ...7 years to figure out the legal aspect of a RMAH ..7 months to make the game ? lol
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