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Cold Set Giveaway 77K DPS - Winner Chosen!

Im a lvl paragon 14 on my monk. I've been playing monk ever since it came out. I could never really raise my dps becuase i dont know what is good for it. All i have is Hp and about 500 resistance. Monk is my favorite class because it has many cool moves like sentry, Sweeping winds(my favorite move with cyclone) and breath of heaven (help me alot because i loose alot of hp fast) and much more. I like more close ranged char in RPG games. I would Give away the gear when i dont need them to other monks who need help because i know how it feels like to be weak and cant do really anything in inferno. I help people In game sometimes when they ask for help. I would do what your doing right now to the gear when im done with it. Ill try to give more items if i have any. I can do any mp but mp1 and i find that sad considering ive spent about 70m or more on him. It would be nice to get the gear and thank you for reading

Link to my Monk
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Good evening, Monk community~~ (the best one on the forums, easily. Why do you think that is? Maybe because people who play Monk's as a general rule, command greater self-respect and poise than most people?)

I mostly play with my significant other, and do the majority of the tanking. I took a break a while ago to play some other stuff, and then I had to reinstall and rebuild my computer, so I missed a few updates and paragon levels. I've been picking up some items here and there, and I'm actually not really unhappy with my gear.

I just wanted to say that I think this thread is an amazing idea, and I'd be happy to donate any of my stuff that I'll be replacing in the future (even though a lot of it is pretty weak).

And that said, I'd be more than happy to take any replacements from anyone who wins the cold set! ^-^ And I'm absolutely the pay-it-forward type; good karma is perfect for Monks!

Props to the OP and contributors-- this thread is made of world peace.
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<3 <3 <3 <3

-Druin, the happy monk
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I would like to be able to use my monk. Took a little break from D3 and enjoyed the monk before, and have been playing my barb since getting back. Don't have any gold what so ever so it'd be great if i won.

I have 2 friends that have monks as well and my plan was to split this gear with the other 2 of them so that we could all have some decent gear :)

Thanks for doing this! This is what makes the community better!

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My Monk is level is level 28, so not too long before I hit 20 ;)

I currently have a Barb and a WD as my first level 60's, got them somewhat geared, but I honestly don't care for the classes. I tried a DH, not my thing. Oh, I forgot about my Wizard, but I don't care for it much either. I love the game, but those classes aren't all that great for me. I started playing a Monk and already love her. Its the playstyle and the overall speed and explosiveness of the class. I also intend to be into PvP to a great extent. PvP is kind of my thing, even if i'm not good at it. :D

I wouldn't mind giving up the gear the I upgrade. I would also be willing to donate some of the gear from my Barb/WD. Some of it isn't tooooo bad :P

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up to where you belong
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Bump! Thanks for all of the entries so far! It is going to be a tough decision. Thanks to all those who have donated as well!
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Does it count if i have a 13 paragion lvl monk and i get to lvl 16 paragon or higher before u choose?
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Of course!
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up still an hour..... by my clock at least
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May be a little late to post by hey why not give it a shot.

I feel as if i need the gear because I have made no progess at all in the past month playing on my monk. When i spent my money on the gear (between 40 and 50 mil) I was very new to the game. Due to me being new to the game I had no idea what stats i wanted and totally neglected resistance and did not "play" the AH at all.. Due to this i became a horrible glass cannon. Right now i can barley clear act 3 and 4 on MP1. I love playing my monk because they are a self-sustaining melee class. I have always played and enjoyed Monks because they are a challenging class to play, especially in the upcoming PvP update. But in all honestly i have given up a little on my monk because after spending all that money and time it is frustrating that I cant even solo MP2. If I were to get this gear set I would defiantly be given the motivation to start playing again.

I would happily give my current gear set away if someone finds it usable to their build. Im sure some of my gear can be helpful. Also i have a couple of more pieces in my stash that could be helpful. Or if some of the new gear is not useful to me I would give that away also. I would try to help out the community whether it be boss runs for the low levels or some advice to those that need it so they dont make the same mistakes as me.

Here is a link to my glass cannon monk, thank you for giving me a shot: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Uniden-1515/hero/20833667
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Hey all,

So I find that in this game, I am always being left behind. when it come to armor or weapons I am always buying other peoples cast offs or getting crappy drops. the biggest reason as to why I would like to win this gear is to finally be able to keep up with all those around me. When I saw this opportunity to obtain better gear, I hopped on the train. I may not have the best story or reason as to why I should be the one to win, but i would be the most excited and grateful person.

Thank you all for your consideration.

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I know im a little late, but I would also be interested in this contest. I have often given away gear to people who needed it because i believe in "one man's trash is an other man's treasure" :)

My monk was my second character, and I started playing him again recently. I really love the sweeping wind build, but I am still having some trouble surviving. I hope that with this set (at least some parts of it) I will be able to survive at least mp5. The pieces I dont need I could give away as requested. I would try to buy myself new gear for my monk, but the auction house has a lot of problems now, and after losing my most valuable item (my barb's skorn) due to auction house glitches, i am very paranoid about using the ah. so right now i am left with very little gold, a couple valuable items which i am unable to sell, and my characters.

At first I went back to my monk because my barb weapon got stolen by blizz, but now I am enjoying him a lot. I love watching the tornadoes from sweeping wind spam the screen and kill everything. The way my monk flies through the chaos and rapidly punches all the demons makes me enjoy the game again. However, it can get annoying when my monk dies from those pesky reflect damage packs and desecrator pools. So if I win this set my cold res monk could reach great new heights.


Well, thats it, and I hope that you will consider me for this giveaway.

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Good morning, all!

First, we would like to thank everyone who donated to this giveaway. Without the gear that was donated, this set would still be at 40k DPS. Also thank you to everyone who put in for this giveaway. It was definitely a tough decision.

Millhouse9 and I decided on CracyAlex#1661

We narrowed it down to six players and randomly chose a winner.

CracyAlex, Millhouse9 will add you in game right now and will deliver the goods whenever you're available. Feel free to use this forum to coordinate with him.

Thanks again to everyone involved!
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Congrats CracyAlex!! this set should more than help you stay competitive for a while...
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Grats...let's have more of these giveaways...I'm sure there are alot of random pieces laying around that people are too lazy to AH that can build good sets
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Thanks to everyone who helped put this together and congrats to CracyAlex.

Big thanks to Millhouse for giving me a new weapon and opening my eyes to Tempest Rush builds!!
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