I got tired of playing the cookie cutter HA/BL builds that are out there and wanted a change of pace while I paragon leveled that would be viable and give me similar efficiency.


That's the build I came up with. This build is different and doesn't gimp your farming speed and can be used with most existing gear (not as good with a Calamity though), I'm not claiming it's the most efficient build out there but I still maintain roughly the same farm speed as I did before switching to it. I noticed with my previous build I was using Ball Lightning on most of the trash mobs but Hungering Arrow I used mostly on elites, so I decided that hungering arrow was replaceable.

Primary Skill - Elemental Arrow: Ball Lightning
This will be used mostly for trash clearing, its low hatred cost combined with vengeance and the bat ensures that you will not run out of hatred.

Secondary Skill - Rapid Fire: Any rune (although I prefer High Velocity)
Rapid fire I believe is the most hatred efficient single-target skill (in low MP's) in terms of damage done vs Hatred spent but I just could never fit it in into my skill slot. I use it mostly on elites and normal mobs with high hp like demonic tremors and colossal golgors. I prefer the High Velocity rune because of the pierce, if you are attacking elites and they happen to bunch up together (which happens often) the pierce helps spread the damage around and it reduced my elite engage time.

Skill Slot 1 - Fan of Knives: Hail of Knives
This skill is just used to clear large groups of mobs and when you're dps is high enough it one-shots most mobs. It's a good form of cc and if your play style is similar to mine where you vault right into elites and engage them, often you can start to get ganged up on by trash mobs, FOK helps clear them and Hail of Knives is by far the best rune, because of the increased radius.

Skill Slot 2 - Vault: Tumble
Purely for mobility and the reduced discipline cost helps quite a bit if you're like me and running off base discipline.

Skill Slot 3 - Shadow Power: Gloom
Your primary defensive skill and it helps manage those reflect packs.

Skill Slot 4: Companion: Bat Companion
Since this build uses no hatred generator, the bat helps make up for this and with the Vengeance passive, I find that I don't run out of hatred, think I've only heard "not enough hatred" once and I immediately picked up a few health globes to fill me back up.

Passives - Tactical Advantage: boosts mobility when combined with Vault
Vengeance: Huge source of hatred regen and this build will not work without it.
Nightstalker: Good source of discipline regeneration and for this variation of the build, it's the primary source of discipline.

Variations of the build:
-For those who have problems with managing discipline, one option is to drop Fan of Knives for Preperation: Your preferred rune .
-If you lose too much dps from dropping the Archery you can drop Nightstalker but you have to use Preparation to maintain efficiency.

Gearing choices:
Weapon: A Manticore or high dps rare xbow is best because you consume too much hatred with a Calamity when channeling rapid fire and the build becomes less viable. Also using a Calamity almost always means you have to take Archery as you just lose a lot of dps and this leaves no slot open for Nightstalker.

- Some pickup radius gear helps with picking up health globes and you don't need as much you do with Strafe builds. Just 5-7 will do. Easiest places to get this stat is on your belt, bracers or shoulders. With the increase in base pick up radius coming in 1.0.7 pickup radius gear will be even less important, and will be more of a quality of life stat.

- If you choose to go without preparation like the in the standard build, you want high enough crit chance for Nightstalker procs. I'd say 50% with scoundrel should be the minimum, this is easily achievable with the current prices of gear.

Final Notes:
Why drop Preparation? I find that at high enough crit chance, Nightstalker does a great job at refilling my discipline for vaults between mobs and leaves enough for Gloom when I bump into the trickier elite affix combos.

I don't don't claim to be the first person to suggest a build like this, but I just created this build for people like me who may be a bit bored of using the common cookie cutter specs (Strafe and HA/BL) and want to switch things up without losing efficiency. I haven't actually calculated my xp/hour with this build, but I've done about 20 runs with it and doesn't seem slower than where I was with my previous HA/BL build.

This build works best when you oneshot or twoshot mobs on MP0-2, I personally xp farm MP1 and sitting at above 200k dps with all my gems in. I took out all my gems and dropped to 130k dps and the build still worked so it's and with how saturated the AH has become with gear, >100k dps is not as hard to achieve as it used to be.

I haven't come up with a name for this build, I'm hoping the community can come up with something if it gets popular. Let me know what you guys think?
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