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What changes would you like to see for DH?

Hey fellow DHs,

I've been wondering what changes would people like to see to DHs in the upcoming patches.
What buffs pretty much...

Dual wielding to be as effective as it is on monks and barbs would be great -- I think we could all agree on that but what else?

Anyone else think that the Shadow Power "buff" was actually a nerf?
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I dont think it was honestly, shadow power is still my god mode button :)

entangling shot could use a boost though...seeing as how no one uses it XD
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We're making a wishlist for our Ferret changes on another thread. ;-)

I'd like to see some of our skills that get no love be used or at least be a good choice of an alternative skill, which they are currently NOT.

The ferret change is an example

How about an inherent chance at immobilization for 2 seconds using entangling shot? or perhaps each subsequent entangling shot adds an additional 1% slow to a maximum of 90%?

How about inherent % at piercing ability of Rapid Fire? nothing worse than standing there firing away at one target until it does only to realize there are 6 more behind it.

How about make Wolf Companion worth it? Give him a swipe ability and raise his damage to 125% inherently with 175% damage on Swipe?

How about do something with our SIGNATURE ABILITY Rain of Vengeance which got astounding buffs, yet still doesn't get used? Perhaps give us 30% Reduction in damage while Rain of Vengeance is... raining?
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Ferrets are useless as they attack when they should be picking up gold.
Vault is to slow.... toon pauses before they use it.
Stop companion from attacking the bloody goblin... this is a must!!
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I really want to like RoV. For a signature DH skill with a 30 second cool-down it is rather lackluster. It either needs a buff or a rework. Like say the cool-down was reduced to 20 seconds with a hatred cost with more bang on all the runes. The fact that you cannot position the attack and it is centered on your DH for some of the runes is also a huge negative.

It would be cool is shadow power boosted attack speed like it was originally meant to do. Instead of shadow power being just a life steal function. All runes other than gloom could use some kind of buff, 35% damage reduction outshines them all by a large margin.

Ferrets and wolf companion. Especially the wolf companion. Really want to like the wolf. But lets face it, it's useless. Ferrets just seem like a waste of a skill slot IMO.

Smoke screen after the nerf is a waste of disc for 1 sec. Duration needs to be looked at again or disc cost reduced. On that note, all the skill runes that supposedly reduce disc cost are also lackluster as well.

Chakram: Razor disc and twin chakrams are awesome. The rest....eh not so much need to be reworked they are just boring and gimmicky.

Fan of knives: Default radius should be the radius of the rune that extends radius to 20 yards. For a 10 sec cool down the default range of 10 yards is pitiful. If it doesn't crit, grats you've just wasted 30 hatred and now have it on cool down for 10 secs.

Thats my 2 cents.
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I really like that Entangling Shot idea -- increasing slow% per hit

Also, I completely agree with the Fan of Knives thing -- If it does not crit, its a waste --

Fan of Knives should have a rune similar to that of Chakram/Shirukin Cloud.

RoV reduced cooldown is a great idea makes it a whole lot more viable, I believe the damage is in the right place. Perhaps reworking it or reducing cool downs would be the better (more realistic) changes to be made.

How about increase the damage on Vault/Action Shot or perhaps an entire rework of this rune it has quite a bit of potential.

Steady Aim buff without the 10 yard requirement -- We really have the !@#$tiest buffs in the game that are very hard to use -- Cull the weak requires use of other skills that are not currently very viable.

Slight across the board Radius Increase on Fan of Knives is also highly necessary 20 yd with the rune is hardly enough.

I love the change the made to Perfectionist -- I would like to see more changes like that one.

Damage% increase on Marked For death is also a must IMO -- the team buffs that WDs and Monks have are light years ahead of ours.
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I have a large list of changes I'd like to see to the DH. Most of them involve buffing or completely changing certain skills that don't see use, or see little use due to being overshadowed by other skills. The key with varying builds up is making certain skills synergistic.

I'll start with our passives:

Thrill of the Hunt -
Almost no one uses this passive. I don't think buffing it will really help either. My suggestion would be to replace it with something else entirely.

Cull the Weak - Good as is. However I would like to see some of our slowing skills improved for better synergy.

Brooding - This one is pretty bad, as to take advantage of it you need to have a large HP, which defeats the purpose. Consider replacing entirely, or adding additional affects to the passive.

Hot Pursuit - Practically no one uses this, as we typically spend our hatred, so we would hardly ever see use of this. Consider replacing entirely.

Tactical Advantage, Vengeance, Steady Aim, Night Stalker, Archery, Numbing Traps, Perfectionist, Custom Engineering, Grenadier, Sharpshooter, Ballistics - All are good as is.

I personally think that it would be great if the passives I mentioned that need work got changed/replaced with bonuses that support a melee build. Let's say brooding also added to chance to block - that would be pretty cool IMO, and it might see use in some less common builds.

Barring the addition of some melee supporting passives, I'd like to see some other skills get love from the passive tree. Have a passive that reduces the cooldown on FoK, or removes the cooldown entirely but raises the hatred cost.

Anyway those are just some random ideas for the passives, and only examples. I'm sure blizzard can come up with something better... but for now those are just wasting away hardly ever being even considered for builds.

Onto active skills - I really only have one nitpick:

Caltrops - Bring back the proc coefficient on jagged spikes! 'Nuff said.

That's about it for active skills. Other then that its mainly just improving the lesser used runes. But I really wouldn't rule out replacing them entirely. Nobody is going to miss Entangling Shot if its replaced with something interesting. Give Cluster Arrows other runes some better effects! Give FoK some better runes - the only one that sees any use is Hail of Knives. Switch it up with Smoke Screen! People have been using SP-Gloom more now that the effect lasts 5 seconds, and SS runes outside of Choking Gas and Lingering fog are hardly used, and for good reason. Get creative with the runes, don't just add extra effects.

Personally, I would really like the addition of some melee skills (would love to build something like a trap sin :D). But I can understand why Blizzard might not want to do that for flavor reasons.

Also, note that some of what I've suggested could be taken care of with new legendary items that supplement similar builds. Want Entangling Shot to be viable? Make a legendary that makes it fire 3 projectiles instead of 1. Stuff like that.
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I'd like some sort of reduction in cooldowns tie in for ROV and / or FOK.

Critting on Hatred Spenders reduces cooldown on all abilities by 1 second. That way if you crit 10 critters on FOK, instant reset, as well we could use ROV more often, making it a part of our rotation as 30 seconds seems like an eternity these days.
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Dont know. But DW has got to be the most retarded thing ever to not get changed/buffed made viable considering how it was a main attraction to even playing a DH. geez
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