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The Soulstone was not destroyed!!

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View the endgame cinimatic where diablo was "killed" you will see the soulstone falling as diablo disintigrates.

There are only two possablities:

1. Diablo and all the demons of hell were destroyed...and now the soulstone is am empty vessel.

2. Diablo and all the demons of hell are alive and well in the soulstone....all they need is another host.

I subscribe to #2 :-)
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Sherlock, is it really you?
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Maxcarnage, you are on the right path ;)

i pick #2... except i dont agree with the last part.

It wont need a new host.... The Soulstone is unstable, its flawed. Tyreal knows it, and its why Adria had Leah control and hold it together till the time it could possess Leah.

The Soulstone will most likely break by its own self and will release the PURE evils on the world.
And what better way than to fufilll the prophecy ??

"Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-"

Tathamet, the ROOT of all evil, the Dragon, will awaken is my best guess... and most awesomest...
Though... will Diablo prove a match for even Tathamet? Since Diablo is the essense of Terror...
What is Tathamet afraid of...? Anu... Diablo will become... Anu !? THE GOOD GUY ?!?

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So here Kull re forums after exploding, uses one of his devices to go to heaven, gets the soul stone which fell to the ground after the prime evil was killed, sticks into his body or absorbs its power blah blah blah.
Becomes a super human demon angle demigod, he can now crate constricts that are incredibly powerful, like in his archives (whole new set of monsters) and even his own world or ream (new act or area) and of course would be even more powerful and well written then the prime evil, and less black and white, perfect villein.
That to me would be the best expansion ever, and explain why the end cinematic shows the soul stone falling from heaven.
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02/02/2013 03:20 AMPosted by lastcrusader
and explain why the end cinematic shows the soul stone falling from heaven.

Well ! there are many reasons for that happening :) And we all have different ideas as to what exactly is going to happen...

We will have to wait and see!!

But yeah, super constructs would be kinda cool to fight!
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