Diablo® III

85 Million For Upgrades, check out my moves

Found Inna's Pants, Mempo, Crit Lacunis, Ice Climbers in my budget for a total of:

+16%ias increase
+12% life
-81 str
-46 vit
-10 all resist

For a gain of 10k dps. What say you? I don't want to upgrade my Ammy just yet because I will replace one by crafting an ilvl63 one.

What should I upgrade? I feel like overhauling my gear for 10k gain is meh :/
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I agree with swapping out 5IK set. Well worth it. I'd also say you should aim to OH EF and getting better ave dmg MH.
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put an amethyst gem in your new mempo helm. your hp is low like mine.
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Welcome to gearing for the next tier... it sucks! lol

However, you definitely have a decision to make. It is possible to achieve high dps with IK sets (Wayneold) but it is extremely expensive and you have to be patient looking for the perfect rolled pieces.

If you do move from IK, most barbs keep two pieces. Gloves and Chest for max efficiency. Personally i think perfectly rolled IK gloves are ridiculously priced so I ditched that for now.

Decide which two pieces of IK you want to keep and build around those two pieces. I say that because it has huge gearing implications. If you keep the belt then you can keep a similar weapon selection and run blood thirst. If you go with witching hour build then you will need to find a weapon slot for the additional lifesteal.

Think about the direction you want to take your barb. First things first...decide which IK pieces you definitely want to keep.
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