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First time HOTA build seeks advice

I did my first HOTA build. This build is purely for uber, not farming. Please give your advice how to improve my HOTA build as I wish to solo uber, highest MP possible.

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Well, lets start off by asking, whats the issue? You have enough damage, hp could be a bit higher and so can resist, but overall I think you should be fine doing anything.
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Get a SoJ.

Would also recommend having more ehp, and/or running warcry.

With your current ehp level it's going to be very easy to get burst down if you're not careful, and dps might be a bit low for realm of turmoil.

Just to throw some numbers at you, based on fully buffed skill damage on d3rawr.

I just did a solo run on mp10 with my profile setup, just under 1.5m hota dps vs elites, and I cleared realm of turmoil in ~6.5 minutes. This is dangerously close to the enrage time (8 minutes), and I had kulle stunned for a large portion of the fight.

You're sitting at about 1.2m hota dps, assuming you can keep killing spree AND maniac up.

I think kulle/sb will be the hardest with your setup, but with double hammer it's actually a pretty smooth fight. What was actually more dangerous for me was mahgda+sk, sitting at ~800k ehp vs elites (not counting dodge) I noticed my bulb dipping down quite a bit whenever I got hit by bees, which didn't happen when I was a mere 100k ehp higher. I think this fight has more to do with healing threshold than total ehp, but you leave yourself at the mercy of rng with anything below 600k (sk walk+bees+sentry or skull cleavers=instant death).
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SOJ and a decent pair of lacuni...
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not enough APS, you wont be able to keep perma wotb
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I use the same build for hota uber

I dont have issue. Im at 1.59 AS on this build and I keep fury all the way to the end
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For uber-farming I'd maximize CC and CD.
Apparently with full fury and Scoundrel you have exactly 100 HotA CC, which is good. Since with WotB + KS and 5 frenzy stacks you'll be criting with 2+ HotAs per second, I'd suggest getting more CD. That's where your main damage/healing will come form.

Cheap Suggestions:
Bracers: Str/Vit/AR/6%cc
Belt: 15 fury IK with Rend reduction
Rings: Not sure if you would like to mess with your APS but Str/Vit/CC/CD
Weapon: Skorn with better CD, possibly with Vit

Expensive Suggestions:
Bracers: CC Lacuni
Rings: SOJ (20%-30% increased damage + up to 15 fury (3% Hota CC) + HotA/frenzy/rend)
Weapon: Skorn with better CD + Life Steal

Might want to switch Bloodthrist for Animosity too. Why?
Fury gained with frenzy crits: 15*75% + 3 = 14,25
Fury gained with HotA crits: 15*80% = 12

With Animosity:
Frenzy crits: 17,1
HotA crits: 14,4

Considering your BR/Scoundrel/OP/WotB frenzy CC is about 77,5%, that extra 3 fury will bring you really close to doing a frenzy hit+HotA hit.
Your buffed HotA cc is even better, with full fury it goes to 104,1%, which means you can lose up to 20 fury and still have 100% CC. Since you'll always be getting crits and having 14,4 returned, you can mantain max CC for 4 hits until using frenzy again.
That's without even mentioning that the more crits, the faster OP recharges.
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