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R8 the WD above you (cont'd DonBukka post)

02/01/2013 11:32 AMPosted by davcho4
@Saythe 9/10, I'm loving the def and AR. You probably own in pvp.

You really have 230k dps with half your gear unequipped?

Is this real life?

10/10 if that's the case, lol.
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@ Dolla, naw he has about 90k DPS with what is equipped, dunno why his stats are so inflated.. his equipped gear is all delicious, though

your toon is pretty nice.. if you could get a few more pieces with LoH or a weapon with LS you would be able to grab an ammy that provides way more DPS.. pants not having AR kinda makes them not that desirable as a rare. the weapon could be upgraded pretty easily, and you should consider the Zuni Pox to make your set complete. very nice start with some good pieces to build off of. 8/10

my build is all wonky cuz ive just been messin around.. dont know which source/helm/weapon i even have equipped atm lol
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Nice doc. Not much to say... you're pretty much to the point where upgrades are just better versions of what you already have. You could probably upgrade your shoulders and maybe your WH without breaking the bank too bad.

Shoulders could either go with 250ish int/vit or vit/Life with int about the same as you have now.

Belt, could probably replace AR for vit/Life combo and get significantly more EHP.

Nice WD though, no complaints ;)
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@BigRed, 10/10, wonderful doc.

@death, no need to thank you bro, i already know all of what you're saying.. like i said, build was just a play build, guess i should have checked my skills before posting in a rate thread but whatever. with the build that i have equipped now i can plod through anything
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@big red
why do you even keep playing. bis in every slot. 10/10

btw, who ever checks out my profile, im at 180k dps in normal gear. my farm gear is on right now. terribad boots, offhand, and bracers
crit tal's ammy.
pick up some black thornes with sockets. thats about all i have to say
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Looks good. 9/10. You covered everything with your comments about farming gear. I have 65M to spend. What should I upgrade first?
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^ 5/10

upgrade ur ammy, helm, boots, bracers, knife with sock n totd first
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with 310k damage i can't suggest much of anything to upgrade, lol.
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be one with the zunibarb
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02/01/2013 07:32 PMPosted by TheZuniBarb
be one with the zunibarb

you are like my favorite witch doctor ever
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I like the use of firebats...very cool...especially with all the extra dmg from items.

Probably could break 100K DPS easily by adding CC on Lacunis or Zuni pox for not too much money. Decent vit, could do a bit better on the All resist.

Overall 7/10

Have fun!!!
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Very new, inexperienced WD. Looking for tips. Thanks.

(I would rate, but what would I say of worth?)
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Your witchdoctor is fine. You have some really nice items. Unfortunately you are in the same boat as me and upgrading some of those to get small increments of "betterness" is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

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@leonhart83 seems like ur resistance might be a little too low
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@TheZuniBarb, no WD for me to see...but I remember you had a pretty nice looking set up for your WD if you were to have one.


Great looking WD, but like my I think you need just a tad more all res, and man your WH is awesome.

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On the right track, just need better versions of similar things

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you are one of the very, very few WD's that beats me in major stats (although I do have a higher dodge chance! ><)

9/10 We could always use improvement, and I might say... resistance is a bit low at 658, as is armor at 3149. But your combo of EF and Serpent is the first in a long time that might make me consider giving up my Skorn.

EDIT: I just did the math linking your EF. I would add 17k dps. Wowza. I might have to do it...

Two questions, why are you not equipping a nice Zuni pox to complete the 4 set? There are some that will grant you better stats out there over one of your rares! Plus the 4 set bonus is sweet. And the second, HOW ON EARTH are you surviving with the PTV passive on, let alone without the 4 set bonus?

ASIDE: when you added me last week I didn't know who you were, but accepted anyways. Look forward to chatting soon!
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Very nice gear, similar concept to my own.


I do have a few poxes, but i keep selling them, i had the US #4 pox last week, but onsold it. I will eventually find one back. It works well enough even without the 4th set, because i dont bears, i have a String of Skulls too, so the option is always there.
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