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R8 the WD above you (cont'd DonBukka post)

@Jane 9.5/10 Hard to find fault here.
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@ grizz awesome witch nice wep im jealous
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@ alien well balanced character. Lots of vita. wondering if you have enough mana to farm high mp. Thanks
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@Kosrobin - nice Wos barrage doc, very nice Mara's and serpent off hand you have there also.
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@SiaoLang I am not worthy to rate you. Damn!!
I am trying to get rid of my life link dogs. Any ideas? Gear upgrades?
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your all over the place haha, its okay tho, but some advice is to lose that skorn. has no life steal and its slow. it gives massive dps i know, but dead dps is dead dps. if your going to keep that skorn your going to need minimum of 1200 life on hit and go rain of toads , blackthorne jousting mail is cheap for the most part with good stats.

id lose ptv for some blood ritual, save your mana that much more and gain more life per second

best of luck in shopping

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Your gear is great dont see any holes there. You Ar is huge along with damage and hp. Looking good the only thing i can see to raise at all is armor. Even then im sure you kill things fast enoguh before they get to you. 9.5/10
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You have made some very good choices with your gear thus far. I think the best way to progress for you would be several pieces, but its going to take a little while to build up. I suggest you get some pieces with pickup so you can drop that TotD, getting away from that would be the biggest single piece upgrade for damage output that I can see on you atm. After that, start working on getting attack speed, while bears are nice... when you get closer to 2.00 and 180k+ dps, bears become too slow and not as efficient as darts/firebomb.

Again, I like what you have done thus far, 7.5/10

P.S. Your dps is good enough that you could just do an acid cloud / bears only build if you wanted to...
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Obviously you're much more experienced than I am. I honestly wouldn't know where to start. It looks like a solid setup. However, I imagine you're running out of mana quickly, especially with pierce the veil on. I suppose if you wanted a more balanced build you might opt for an offhand and helm with mana regen. Personal preference, however. 9/10


I've kinda hit a wall with reflect mobs. I know I'm lacking in armor, vit, and health regen. I only have about 1 mil to spend, however. If I saved up, what piece would you recommend upgrading?
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I don't have issues with mana, because I don't use anything that cost mana, other than locust swarm hehe.
I have my zuni chest, and the manajuma MH/OH for when I do run with other abilities though, like bears or acid cloud.

As for your questions...

I would drop fetish, and pick up blood ritual, for more mana. Blood ritual becomes more effective the more you cast, so as your attack speed goes up, your efficiency will be better than the alternative for mana... VQ. Also, switch to darts (splinters) over firebomb, unless you just love firebomb, in which case I would use ghost bomb rune.

As for what piece...
either blackthorn pants for more survival, or lacuni prowlers for more dps/survival. Movement speed is huge for us as it allows us to keep running to avoid damage and let our pets tank.

You will need to save for either of those pieces, but it won't take too long to get a few million more so you can grab a good piece.
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Nice WD. It has been a long time since I ran Darts. What MP can you comfortably run?
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@ Moby. Really hard to judge atm your WD because it looks like you are scaling for pvp to be released with all the life regen and HP. So imma give it a 7/10 for the ignorance on my part. I will certainly be a better judge of it once the patch hits :)
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@Rakimallah. Absolutely love the gear, obviously you wont have perfect rolled gear but imo, some of the best out there. 9/10, only because you arnt P100, haha. Still get my respect for the amazing gear, gj fellow WD.
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Snuggie, i dont know much about the average players gear quality in hardcore but yers is some of the better iv seen..now granted i have not seen many HC chars but i think yours looks pretty good. 7/10.
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@pwnani - great defensive stats. How do you kill things consistently though with that build? How much dps do you gain with a mojo?
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Very nice Health pool on your WD.

I give him a 7/10 for that and having over 100K DPS. Some more Armor and a socketed Carver and you will be in good shape.
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10/10 awesome build, good gear, nice to see that tals ammy on a wd... I love the idea, great gear
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Good start, I recommend you get a new ring though first and maybe a vile ward after that. Good Luck.
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@ Asmodai

Very nice, not much left to improve there. Time to start min/maxxing starting with gems as you can afford. 9/10

Nicely put together WD!
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What else can I say? You have dressed up your WD nicely. I am sure Athena felt your love a lot. I am just not sure why you still need the added XP on your helm with your gem but I guess with nice stats all around your gears then probably boosting your XP with the gem is fine.

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