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Suggestions please

Hey guys,

Can anyone spare 5 minutes to look at my DH and see if there are any changes you'd make to make it easier for me to run MP4-5? I can do 1 efficiently... but 3-5 just gets way too slow, with too many deaths! :) Can anyone see any easy improvements I can make to increase damage, or maybe a better build to run with, with my current gear?

That damn KoH is eluding me so I want to hit a higher MP game! :)


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Im not in a position to give u any advice on your WD as I am going to ask for some advice myself shortly.

My suggestion though is to check out the WD builds forum and maybe post this question in there. They have a wonderful collection of diverse builds and information on how they work. Good luck.
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:) DH please, not my WD. :)

Though yes, I'm looking at other's builds as well.
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Ah, don't worry. My d*mbass just found the build advice thread in the DH forum. :)
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OOps, my bad lol.
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Hey mate,
one thing I would do is try and get you Att speed up a bit more. I my self have like 2.7+ Att speed and this is brilliant with the dule wield set up. Also, I don't know what your budget is but I have a few Calamitys and Danetta's that have CD and a socket. If you'd like I can hook you up with a good deal on one to help your DPS, but you're still looking at like 20mil.
Another thing is you can switch Nicht Stalker with Steady Aim, this will also give you more DPS to help you with the higher MP's. The reason I say this is because NS is great if you have high Att speed and good CC this makes NS more effecient to use, but because you have pretty low CC and Att speed (at least for a DH) I would suggest SA (Steady Aim) for more DPS.
And last but not least you could possibly get better gems, this will increese you DPS some, but I would get some for your Vit. You only have 25k and for a DH you'd prolly want at least 35k minimum (IMO)

Edit: Another thing that would help is to get a Hell Fire Ring, if you need some one to help out, me and a few of my friends love to do key runs, and there are plenty of guys to help with the ubers. Send me an in game invi and we can get to it.

Hope this stuff helps,
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Ah, thanks for the tips. Appreciate it. Yeah, I'll add you in game. I'm doing key runs atm, but only on mp1. It keeps the farming interesting.

I'll play around with the build.

Thanks again.
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FINALLY GOT THE KoH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) On mp1 only, while getting used to the new build. But I finally got it! :)

Tried MP4, little tougher but much better with the new build. Still playing around and getting used to it, but thanks a lot for the guidance.
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