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New HC Character here, LF a few HC Buddies!

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So I just recently made it to level 60 on my HC barb. I tried MP1 and quickly realized that My barb isn't capable of that yet since I almost died to every pack.

Getting bored of farming mp0 act 1 alone, but I'm pretty paranoid of joining public games. The other thing I'm worried about is doing something stupid and getting someone ELSES HC toon killed...

If any brave souls want to venture into some act 1 mp0(brutal i know... :P) farming runs with a new HC toon, add me!


Also if you can take a quick look at my gear/spec and let me know where im lacking in terms of gear I'll love you forever. Im still stuck on the "get more dps so i can use lifesteal easier" thing from SC, but i have a feeling i should be using life on hit til i can SAFELY use lifesteal, right?
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Dude - I'd crap my pants in mp1 with your gear (no offense).

Rethink the life steal bit. In fact, with Rend - Blood Lust you get a lot of leeway as for what type of gear you need.

Here's what I'd do:
1) Switch your passives ... now! You need superstition in that mix, and possibly a third defensive passive (juggernaut, inspiring presence).
2) AR ---> Get that up asap
3) DPS --> don't obsess over it. True, you need some damage, but not CD/CC right away. Strength is a perfectly legit way to get damage, plus it adds armour
4) You need more health - I'm wouldn't be comfortable less than 50k in Hc (but that's me)
5) Sprint is cool and all -- why not Leap, though? It will help you get away from wallers, frozen, jailer, etc so you save your Wrath for when you need it.
5a) Do you pop your Wrath on every mob (as I used to in SC)? I'd advise against this if it is true.
6) Take your time - every piece of gear can be upgraded. Start with pieces that don't have AR on them (chest, shield I can see now).

Last note - I know the tendency when switching to Hc from SC is to bring your old habits of wanting to kill stuff as quickly as possible. I've seen too many friends do this and the end result is the same: they die.

Add me in: aMorras#1512 --> I don't always run act 1, but I do need a break from Act 3 from time to time and have other friends at your level-ish

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90 Troll Mage
Posts: 88
Thanks to everyone who replied/added me. Had fun tonight!
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