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Somebody help me!! Account & D3 Game Support!

#1 I have been fighting for days to just put some money into my account. First of all. I figured out that I had to get a Authenticator Number - fine, security is good. Little did I know how much pain it would be to get one. First of all my blackberry phone was one of a few which would not allow the app. So I tried my Ipod Touch. After HOURS it downloaded the app. I did the authenticator process, got myself a number, then for some reason, I couldnt log in to ANYTHING online to try to submit the funds. Then after I gave up I couldnt even log into the game because it kept asking for the authenticator number. Eventually I found a way to remove the number from my account and could at least play my game.

Then when I tried to go back into the account to try to put in the authenticator number, and add funds again. The website would not allow for me to log in because I logged in too many time (error 503). So forget I will try later. Whatever.

#2 Since I gave up on adding funds. I decided to at least play the game which after I got rid of the Authenticator, I was allowed to do. My character was taking on Azmodan and I was playing No Monster level and I kicked the crap out of him not getting hit by a fire ball or the blackened floors. I did not get the Hot Foot or Be Cool acheivements. You can say that I am ticked off. This was not the first time today I did this - the first time I used my Mirror characters (Monk), and my Templar on Monster Level 5 and didnt get hit. The next time I didnt do the mirror guys, then the last time I did it solo and still didnt get the achievement. Normally the achievements have been working when I get them. So I do not know why I didnt get them this time - even if I got caught by a teeny weeny chunk of a fireball which I know I know I didnt, I was pretty good to avoid the black floors which are easy to avoid if you kill him fast.

Overall, I am not happy with the Support system. For much of the day I have been trying to submit tickets by typing my inquiries. When they do not match your database then my error is rejected and I am left with no where to turn to. In the end I am left with throwing a forum post. You have no idea how upsetting this is. When people have problems they need assistance, not a knowledge base. Just terrible.

So please:

Come someone from accounts allow for my account to be accessed by me so I can do something.
Can someone from the Diablo 3 tech see why my game will not give me my rightly earned acheivements.
And most of all can the brain trust from Battle.net come up with a better way to support their customers because their current system sucks.

Thank you,
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If you have an issue with not receiving an achievement, it's best to report in the Bug Reports forum. Calling in isn't going to help as reps have no way to adjust, remove, or grant achievements on an account whatsoever. If it's proven to be a bug after investigation, it's possible it can be granted retroactively, but I'm not guaranteeing that at all. In most cases, it won't be and you'll have to "achieve" it again once the bug has been fixed.

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Again, another shady blue post that sidesteps the OP.

Typical. I made a similar post about how HARD it is to make them take your money. Its really stupid, as the whole time its not taking my money Im sitting there rethinking my purchase. As the wait goes on, I begin to rethink my involvement with such a disrespectful company, their "support" team and the endless PR crap they both spew.

Good luck, if you have any sense you'll not spend any $ on the RMAH and instead buy into a smaller indie f2p game, whose production house is responsive to player input and is in the very least willing to take your dang money...
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Treckin ,

I'm not sidestepping anything. I've told the OP exactly what he needs to know.


Customer Support cannot award or alter achievements in Diablo III. If an achievement is not awarded and you feel that it should be, please attempt the achievement’s criteria again

There's a chance he can get them if it turns out to be a bug but there's no way we can just go in and modify his account to grant them.

If you don't have anything constructive to offer, please refrain from posting.
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It would appear you didnt read the first half of the OP, the part with the number 1 in front of it. The part that I was responding to.

Refrain from posting if you didn't read the OP...

Im sure you can link yourself the forum rules about responding to an OP without reading it?

Edit: And I just wanted to add again how rude it was to come and even imply I wasnt being constructive - I literally came and empathized with the OP over the difficulty of adding funds to your battlenet account, and shared my like experience with the difficulty of the ticket system and encountering your reduced telephone support hours and capabilities. QED.
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