Just bear in mind and I'm sure many are aware about the declared flood disaster zones in QLD

As a internal network specialist working with the big T part of which i monitor the DSLAM and national exchange outage board as I returned to work today I realized the scope of mass service affecting disasters one of the worst I've seen beating out the bushfire one. Some network equipment are still being reported and not updated, many services have been taken out or affected by the flood and severe weather conditions which affect phone line network , exchanges, inter connecting fibres , satellite services and inundated network joints and conduits in the field. So if you have any friends or family in affected they areas will not have access to internet as priority is to restore services to call SES / 000.

Areas surrounding may still be affected especailly in NSW and QLD not due to exchange outage but rather network distribution conduits in the roads that have been flooded by water causing ADSL DROP issue , latency or timeouts, noisy line or simply no sync for those areas with a TOPhat intergration (those big fridge like cabinets that house the internet equipment feeding homes) this also applies.

Technician access have been hampered by inaccessibility due to danger and the high work loads will affect delays in restoring or fixing adsl/fttp services.

So bearing that in mind you may see a drop of players from the aussie community, heart go out to those affected to remain safe.

P.S. this affects people in those areas regardless of the ISP they are with either tpg or bigpond as all ISP use the same copper network and exchange housing Telstra built with very few exceptions.