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any 280K+ w/o SS&SA calamity DH out there??

if you are here, could you just leave a message. Then I can look at your gear and i can learn how to do it.

I am using a mediocre calamity. If I had a 1250 DPS+ 90CD + OS calamity, would i gain significant DPS?
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The raw numbers on the calamity are very important and changes there make large leaps in DPS. That's why the new marquise gem is slated to be amazing for this particular weapon. That said, you would probably see about a 13-15k DPS increase from the bow upgrade to 1250dps. Run it through a spreadsheet or d3up. It may be more, like 18k if your native cc is very high.
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Currently looking at this guys gear to hopefull get past 250k without losing any ehp. I added maybe a week ago.

332K with archery http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cthulhu-1536/hero/28201178
So far he's the strongest calamity user I've seen and played with.
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Try aiming for more +dmg on your jewelry as well, you have like 27 on your amulet and less than that on each of your rings (2max is worth 1min), around 40+ average damage on top of dex and a solid 'duo'-fecta roll is probably a good place to start.
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When not in farming mode im at 301K with Archery.
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Not sure what gear is on in my profile but I am 348k with archery ns and perfection in my ubers / higher mp farming gear.

Big thing I have noticed to make a big difference is +Avg dmg, and the usual core stats.. cc, cs, cd.
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Thank you for the tips. I would look forward more ave dmg jewel. However i only have 47m, I don't think it would help. My HP is seen like under average too, most of their/your profiles are 60k, or 50k HP.
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u can look at mine well over that w/ calamity but right now i'm dual wieldiing. I jumped like 11k when I went from 1180 calamity to current calamity. Both w/ os and >90% CD.

like others have said...get the avg damage on ur jewelry not the min/max damage but the avg it will add significant boost. Ur nats ring could get u 10-15k easily w/ avg dmg on ur cd ring.
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I think Calamity + Dead Man's Legacy will be the endgame for 1H crossbow users. Dual wielding 1H crossbows will die once the patch is released since the new Marquise Ruby will add tremendous damage but only to one of the weapons, thus the DPS would get averaged. So you would need to put a ruby in each and at that point you are sacrificing ~200% critical hit damage instead of ~100% when pairing with a quiver.
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Thats why you find an offhand like mine that can beat Danetta's spite.
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Reached >300k dps with calamity recently
You may take a look at my profile
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You can take a look at mine too

298k dps witout sharpshooter or steady aim
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