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Starting to play in the Asia server?

It looks like asia server has a smaller user-base and only 1 public channel (Demon Hunter, wtf?!), so no sense of community there. However, the latency there for me is really low and AH is super fast. Could move to the Asia server be a solution to counter lag, disconnection etc.
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I play on both Asia (para56 DH) and US (para54 Barb) servers, I started on the asia server but the latency got so bad i changed to US. I even signed on to WTFast which helps a little with latency. For me the US server has better latency.
The other issue i have with the asian server is the obvious duping of gear and gems. I bought a nice manticore at one point and it turned out to be one of 25 in use so sold it, did some investigating and bought a calamity which didnt come up as a multiple on diablo progress, that was a few months ago...checked recently and there are 18 of them in use now with the exact same stats.
Gem prices in asia are a joke so something does not smell right. I do play asia on occasion because i enjoy the DH gameplay and invested some time into my char and gear, but those mentioned issues have put me off playing there and i wish for the day when Blizzard allows one off character transfers between regions, I would definitely take my DH over to US server with gear or even with out.
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Hmm, you are in such a different boat with me. I spend so much time on U.S. server already but the sudden lag from last week makes me want to move everything to the Aisa server. If people could dup items on Asia, why won't they be able to dup them on U.S.? In the end, they used the same version of software, no? I found Asia server certainly looks like less user-base since less items in AH. Since less items, the price could go unhealthy due to lack of competition for price.
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