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Picking up Rares while magic finding......

Hey just needed some general advice while magic finding, obviously there are items where rares surpass legendaries or where there just isnt a strong enough legendary for the category, ie- gloves and jewelry. My question is......what items are worth picking up, and what arent? Currently im picking up rings, amulets, 1H weapons of all kinds lvl61+, gloves, shoulders, and bracers. I dont pick up any rares that are bows, quivers, boots, pants, armor, or helms. Is there anything I should be picking up that im not? Please keep in mind im talking about farming lvl 61+ rolls that should net 1mil + with the right stats!!

Also feel free to comment on any techniques or strategies you use even if they are not ideal!
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I'd pick up everything. Only thing that disappoints are the daggers, wands, 2 hand, and quivers
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there is a post somewhere(i believe in the barbarian section) that tells you which item is worth picking up and which item is not worth picking up, all the ones you've mentioned you pick up are all the ones that were mentioned to actually pick up
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You're basically pick up all the right things, but I would pick up pants.

You can roll really good rare pants, and in some cases they're better than Legendaries/Set pants, depending on how your character is built.

Getting 200+ VIT, +Main Stat, +AR, +2 OS, +pickup would get you a pretty decent amount of money.

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I'm fairly poor by D3 standards, so I pick up just about everything even if I know it is just vendor fodder.

Some items I check more carefully than others though before selling them. They are:
1-H weapons

All of these have a chance of rolling better than a legendary.

There is also the issue of not being entirely sure what something is from its name on the ground. I'm sure it would be fairly easy to learn them all eventually, but I haven't really tried.
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i'd only pick up ilvl 62+ bracers and shoulders because you need a good armor roll on shoulders to compete with VW and you need a good armor roll on bracers so they have enough ehp to justify not using lacunis. pick up all gloves. i pick up pants 61+ but if you wanna set your standards higher, i.e. 62 or 63+ you'll get no argument from me. i skip ceremonial knives other than veil piercers because, meh, it's not like max mana/mana regen is that important anyway when you have 4 undead super tanks.
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