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fun viable sentry spec?

Going to finish my dh. But is there a fun viable sentry spec? With 3 sentries and no cooldown ?
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Nope, I wish Custom Engineering removed the Sentry cooldown, would make a lot of sense actually.
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nothing with a cooldown removal..

for lower mp fun times try custom engineering and ballistics passives. run turrets with the rockets. rapid fire with rockets runes. and hungering arrow as hate generator.

i call it "auto kill".

get your attack speed up as high as possible. turrets benefit greatly from high attack speed as well as rapid fire. your rapid fire will be shooting off homing rockets with added damage from the passive and the turrets will be also. enemy seeking rockets.

sit back and unleash rapid fire. unload hungering arrows to regen hate. rinse repeat :)

for a more advanced build.. run a constant strafe build.. (geared to perma-strafe with bat companioin). rocket strafe rune as well. pop turrets. rockets and spin to win.
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I meant a reduced cooldown. But sweet thanx for the idea.
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2h vs1h ? Would a 2h be better vs 1h?
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Here's my build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WSYdkQ!fUe!ZZZZZa

This build focuses on stacking as much IAS and Dex as possible, and more or less ignoring crit/crit damage, since Sentry doesn't benefit from it. Instead, get armor and all resists. Archery with a bow is the move. Skipping crit has a secondary effect: It makes your gear really cheap. While your sheet DPS won't look that impressive, your execution is actually stupendously good. Why? Well, for a few reasons:

Thunderball, and Torturous Ground let you control space very effectively, and Rattle 'n Roll and Drifting Shadow let you position yourself with a minimum of downtime. For elites and boss fights, Sentry RULES. Six seconds and you've got two sentries down, and they'll pound anything into cheese-flavoured dog food in no time. Finally, since you're not a glass cannon, you can bring more gun and less run.
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I'm probably one of the higher budget PURE sentry built DH's (not seen anyone go for as much dex/AS as I have this far at least) and like TheJackal said, ignore crit/critdamage and you can get a chunky char sheet dps as well as real dps from gear.

one VITAL build assessment is using a... well, Calamity or likewise, fastest possible 1h bow OR high dps windforce (lower dps calamity will outdps windforce) with proper xx-xx dmg rings with AS and dex on them.

You don't really need much life/allres since you won't take much damage at all. Deploy sentries, pick nose and gloat while stuff dies as you run around in circles :D next patch removes sentries reflect damage = thank goooooood because that one tends to almost killl me alot. (Shadow power + spam main attack keeps me up but if disc runs out before something dies i'm dead lol)

My sentry dps is close to 300k each now. Yeah :p I do ALWAYS use my current build (note sentry rune) because... 6 secs sentry > 8 sec sentry with weak rockets since while kiting/moving you will want to deploy new sentries more often to keep them firing as their range is.... limited. (not bad, but not across entire screen either)

Note: My profile -> Europe. I play on EU! Happy hunting!

Note #2 If you opt for a windforce, being cheap and all (you'll get a 1250+++ dps one for just 2-3 mil fo sho) you get lifesteal which is useful vs reflects BUT choose your hatred generator and rune wisely. High % coefficient skills will grant more life stolen, BUT the knockback tends to ruin sentries effectiveness because it knocks them out of sentry range. cinder rune on devouring arrow is a prime example! Good dmg rune but such a high coefficient that it knockbacks ALOT, which in this case is... bad :p

Oh and yeah, wanna race me for highest APS? ;) 3.46 with the enchantress.

If you go for a windforce and want better balance between your sentry dps and your own, you can use "regular" rings with less avg dmg, more crit/critdamage. I reckon it'll give you the same overall dmg output (3 sentries + your own) but me, I like the lazy man style and gear setup. :D
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Oh and also, with 1.0.7 introducing at least marquise gem (ruby) it'll boost calamity (and windforce, but calamity's) base dmg and dps by BUCKETLOADS! I'm in the search for a 1200+ dps calamity atm with a socket but this'll be expensive. Both weapon and gem total go for 100m+ each, maybe not an option for you atm?

I'm hoping all rubies avg dmg gets scaled up to match the marquise one (150-150, but it's in fact 150-450 with "black" (non magic) damage weapons such as windforce/calamity) since their very high attackspeed makes the ruby gem so daaaarn sweet for sentry builds. Simply dazzling!

1200 dps calamity becoming 1700 dps with that one gem, HUAHAHAH! Giiiiiive Roid giiiive! :D
Obv. the Windforce you can get is much higher base dps, at a lower cost, say 1380+ dps for same price but it's lower attack speed makes it scale a bit worse with ruby. And as I dislike the knockback I will try my luck with calamity for now. (Eventhough 1h xbow passive is 10% crit which is very poor for a sentry build, while bows add 15% raw damage which is great, Calamity will still win because of 1.78 base speed on weapon with ruby)

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update due to most recent PTR patch notes:

Rubies will be nerfed a bit, remains to see by exactly how much but it still means ruby > emerald for sentry specs regardless. Just not as huge of a gain! A gain is a gain. :D

At least i'm having a hard time finding any worthwhile slot to upgrade in order for a chunky dps boost, socket weapon will still be #1 on my prio list for 1.0.7.
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Thanx guys for more info :-). Sp far im lvl32 should be 60 this weekend. But i went with my friend and tries mp10 on normal. And let me tell you so much fun! I had to buy gear so we can actually kill stuff but 200% exp increase is worth it. We tried to do mp0 again in act 3 and we would one shot everything which was less fun. But went back to mp10 again and just cleared act 3. Diablo tonight on mp10 should be fun. But i think ill buy mpre gear again. Im at 590 dps so far :-)
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i'm re-leveling a DH as a strict sentry build as well and it's hilarious :P of course i'm sort of rich so running mp10 is no problem hehehe! the things we do while waiting for the next awsome sentry patch... ^^
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