Diablo® III

Finding my next 100 paragon char.

To make the story about 550 hours shorter, I made a wd, played it to death, got 100 paragon now I am bored of it.

I've got a 155m budget and am looking into a new character. I've played monk, DH, and obviously a WD. I'm wondering, is a barbarian even fun to play after countless hours of whirling in a circle?

I'm looking for a reason to play the way I used to when I was leveling my wd.
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Play a wiz.

My archon build cost me about 60m (actually 80m, but the echoing fury I have doesn't have LS on it... so can't use it until after 1.0.7 goes live... increases my DPS by 42k though lol) and it is fun to play. Also, the wiz can be played as CM as well. Even the basic builds with AP generators and spenders is viable, but slower to farm.

Essentially, you can play a wiz any way you want and it can farm very fast or very high MP/ubers.

Roll a wiz. I love my wiz. DH is fun and all, but the wiz just dominates it when you have a lower budget.
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whirling gets real boring, but you'll have lots of other builds to play around with.
but man, any character that's over played gets boring after a while, that's why we have alt characters :)
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Even the basic builds with AP generators and spenders is viable, but slower to farm.

I actually think that Disintegrate- Chaos Nexus is faster for farming if you have enough DPS that you can one shot trash mobs and melt packs in 10-15 seconds. The ability to pick off white mobs with the mini-beams saves time having to aim the main beam which translates to less time for each pack and less time overall.

To the OP, just go with whichever class you like 2nd best. I've played and enjoyed them all, though none to p100.
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I'm considering doing a barb, as I have played a caster, thoughts?
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I'm thinking of the same thing. My DH is PL84 and will hit PL100 in a couple weeks so it's time to start another PL grind.

Probably barb spin-to-win or monk's tempest rush speed build.
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try hardcore :P since you know you can do it in softcore, go with the harder version
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Barbarian's have a diverse set of builds so I'd recommend it.

WW is your most efficient choice for low MP farming but hota/rend style builds should be relatively efficient if higher end XP farming becomes a thing post patch.

Build diversity = fun
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