This has been bugging me for quite some time especially with Natalya's Sight... First off what does it have to do with the look and feel of the entire character leading up to lvl 60? If i remember correctly when Blizzard showed the higher end geared characters the DH had a hood on and they look 10 fold bad !@#, not to mention every single design of the DH has a hood on... every single picture. Think of how much cooler the Natalya's Hood would look maybe a hood with something covering the face only showing the eyes. Could've done better Blizzard.

Immortal Kings Triumph... this has no back to the helmet! I find it hard to believe that an item supposed to be based off of an Immortal king would have a tie on Halloween mask as a helmet.

The mempo of twilight while cool doesn't really fit into the universe here.. where'd the samurai influence come from?

Now don't get me wrong I love this game and the adjustments I would make would almost purely be aesthetic, well along with being able to make as many gems as I want at once, maybe even ID as many Items at once would be nice as well