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Can the Impossible become possible?

I ask this because i like playing Diablo 3, but i don't love to play it as much anymore. I remember playing Diablo 2 with my friends and we couldn't get enough of it. D2 really draws you in imo. I made some troll post in the past about D3 im not gonna lie only because im frustrated of how D3 turned out but for the most part though its not all that bad. Slowly its getting better.

Ive seen many post about how people say the AH and RMAH destroys this game. There are some well thought out post on this topic. I do agree with alot of it. I feel if the AH and RMAH wasn't in this game the drops would actually mean something in this game. The AH and RMAH have pros and cons to it but i think more cons imo. It makes me wonder how the Devs feel about it. I couldn't picture every last one of them being satisfied with it. Im sure they have there likes and dislikes about it.

I've also seen constructive post about the stats on weaps suck about 99% of the time. I do agree. Its really hard to find a decent rare in this game. and when you do find a decent rare in this game which requires alot of grinding, its for a class you don't play with.

I've heard so much wrong with this game im not even going to get all into that. Here's an ideal i came up with and im not sure if its been posted in another post elsewhere.

First watch this movie here and then come back to this post and read on.

I think that version of diablo 3 is dope in all honesty. It reminds me a lil bit of D2 mixed in with the D3 as well as a lil bit of TL2 imo. About 18 mins in that video that Siegebreaker beast just owns that barbarian which is epic. I repeated that moment in the video a few times saying "WTF? that's amazing"

okay back on topic... I was wondering if the devs could some how over-time (may even possibly take years to make it happen)....but give us the option to play without an AH or RMAH? Im not no developer or anything but one thing i know is when you put your heart and mind into something you can make things that seem impossible possible. It takes hard work though. I know what im asking is alot. In all honesty i don't even expect this post to catch the attention of many. I mean who the hell am i i'm just one guy. I aint nobody super special.

Keep Adding patches to D3. Many people appreciate the effort you all put into making this game that better Diablo experience. Over time it is becoming better in some areas and not in other areas imo. Maybe in an expansion have a darker version of D3 kinda like the one in the youtube video. With this version keep the AH and RMAH out of it....but keep the regular version(The one we play now) with the AH and RMAH in it. There are many people that can't stand the AH or RMAH but im sure you all know you also have a fair share of people who love it. In the expansion version give the option to build your characters with stat points. In the regular version leave it as is. There are plenty of people that don't want the stat point system as well.

Okay let's just say this were to happen...

You cannot and i mean cannot allow for the two versions to merge with one another. What i mean is, if someone chooses to play the version with the auction house then they cannot use there characters, gold, or items they got in this version on the non- auction house version. Also vice-versa.

People Now Have the Option to play the version of D3 with an AH and RMAH Or the Version Without.

People can now choose to build there characters with stat points...or not



We already know you can't please everybody and people will always complain and praise this game no matter what you do.

But giving people an option i think would help out alot imo. I am not a good forum poster by any means but im trying to make a constructive one here. I don't have the best spelling and grammer so to those that are having a hard time reading and understanding my post i do apoligize. I will work on that. I really can use some help on this post if anyone feels they can ellaborate on this. There are some good forum posters out here that really care for this game and want to help out where it goes for example, the player Sol.....has some godly beast post that are very detailed, well formatted, and well constructed.

The big question is do you think the impossible can become possible in this post?

Is it a good or bad ideal?
If you think its bad ideal please explain. I'd appreciate it.
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Personally, I don't like using the AH myself, especially the RMAH.
But having said that, I don't think the AH (GAH or RMAH) is the real problem.

The drops aren't tied to them directly, blizz has simply set the formulas to create the items so that much of what drops is worthless, making the AH a more direct path to acquire good items.

The game can work perfectly with or without any of the AH's.
I think it's a matter of balance.
People who don't want to use them, should be able to find good-ish equipment to proceed into the game with a small chance to get OP items.

The problem is, what's OP?

I'm not good at statistics, so I'm not gonna use numbers, but I think the items that drop in game should have a better chance to be useful without making perfect or near-perfect items more common.
It requires a shift.
Or maybe it's simply a matter of removing some of the totally invalid rolls like mighty weapons with lots of dex and almost no str. That's just completely lame.

It's difficult NOT to use D2 (lod) as an example, so here we go:
In D2, everyone could find good items to finish the game at max difficulty.
With a bit of effort, it was possible to get better in groups too (monsters got tougher with more players so better items were required to boost life and damage).
It was a totally acceptible character power / difficulty curve.
Maybe even a bit too easy.

But if you wanted to be a god in that game, you couldn't get there by farming alone.

I think the balance in D2 was way better compared to D3, and that balance is the only thing that needs to be changed without harming the traders at all.

Now, as for having a seperate realm (or whatever you want to call it) without an AH.. that won't work.

People will find other ways to use real money, like buying gear on item sites.
The only way those non-AH games could work is if people couldn't trade at all.
Everything should be bound on account for that to work.

And here's the funny thing: you can already do that. Don't trade with people.

So, yeah, while I do agree that things need to change, removing the AH's isn't the solution.

This game sometimes feels like a full time job though.
Changing the random generation for the better would be the first most important step, but there are other areas where this game is lacking. It could use a few more carrots. ;)
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